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Kundali Bhagya 14th December 2023 Written Update: Shaurya dances with Palki

Kundali Bhagya 14th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In the latest episode, Rajveer expresses his desire to hug Palki, but she stops him. Curious, he asks her what she was thinking about. Palki recalls Daljeet’s words and questions whether she is a bad sister and daughter. Rajveer reassures her that she is the best and would never think ill of others. He compliments her kind nature, explaining that everyone loves her for it. Blushing, Palki shyly runs away.

Meanwhile, Rishabh notices Karan’s tension and asks him why he is so worried. Karan confesses that he doesn’t think Preeta will come. However, Rishabh advises him to be patient, assuring him that Preeta will surely show up. Just then, Mahesh joins them and inquires if Preeta called. Rishabh informs him that she hasn’t. Mahesh trusts Preeta’s responsibility and implies that Karan might be the reason if she doesn’t come. Nevertheless, he believes that Preeta will attend Shaurya’s roka. Rishabh tries to console Mahesh, while Karan appreciates Mahesh taking Preeta’s side.

In another turn of events, Nidhi decides to lock Preeta in the washroom and carries out her plan. Aarohi escorts Preeta to the same room, but they hear a noise coming from the washroom. Aarohi realizes Nidhi’s presence and enters the washroom to investigate. To their dismay, they discover that the door has been locked. Aarohi pleads with Preeta to open the door, but all their attempts fail. Preeta decides to seek help and leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Kavya notices Varun’s troubled expression and questions him about it. Varun confides in her that there is a problem in the business. Kavya offers her assistance, and Varun expresses his gratitude for having her in his life.

In another conversation, Palki assures Daljeet that she is not jealous of Shanaya. She genuinely cares for Shanaya and wants the best for her. Shailendra inquires about the matter, but Daljeet refuses to respond. Shanaya observes Shaurya and believes that his family will ensure their marriage. Palki confides in Rajveer, expressing her feelings of being misunderstood by her family. Rajveer offers his support and advises her to talk to him whenever she feels upset.

Later, Shaurya informs Daljeet about Palki always being with Rajveer. Daljeet questions if he dislikes it. To lighten the mood, Shaurya asks Sandy to play music. As he reaches out to hold Palki’s hand, Shanaya intercepts and takes his hand instead. The partners swap, with Rajveer dancing with Shanaya and Shaurya with Palki.

The priest suggests commencing the roka rituals, but Nidhi scolds Aarohi and insists on stopping Preeta. She opens the door and rushes out. Karan anxiously waits for Preeta, and Rishabh notices his restlessness. Karan places his hand on the shagun plate, and Preeta spots him, moving towards him. Meanwhile, Rajveer notices Preeta’s presence.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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