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Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story: What! Did Shaurya confessed his love to Palki?

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In the popular ZeeTV show Kundali Bhagya, Shaurya will make a surprising confession in front of everyone. He will express his love for Palki, leaving Shanaya and Palki shocked. How will they react to Shaurya’s unexpected declaration? Let’s find out.

In the previous episodes, Kavya gave Shaurya an outfit for the roka ceremony and asked him to get ready. Aarohi asked Nidhi about what happened at Rajveer’s house. Nidhi revealed that Preeta was lucky because Karan didn’t see her. She also informed Aarohi that Shaurya’s plan failed. Aarohi advised Nidhi to focus only on Karan and prepare herself to impress him.

Rakhi gifted Dadi a special drink called kada. Dadi felt good after drinking it and shared her positive experience with the family. Karan and Rishabh playfully teased Dadi. Rakhi decided to stay with Dadi and take care of her. Dadi reassured Rakhi that she was fine and asked everyone to get ready.

Shaurya was shocked to see Rajveer, realizing that his plan had been foiled. Karan asked Rajveer to thank his mother for the failed plan and inquired if he knew Preeta. Rajveer changed the topic, leaving Shaurya captivated by Palki’s presence.

In the upcoming episode, Shaurya will shock everyone by grabbing Palki’s hand instead of Shanaya’s. Palki will question his sanity, and he will confess his love for her. Shaurya will declare that he wants to marry Palki, leaving both Palki and the Luthra family stunned.

What will Palki’s response be to Shaurya’s confession? How will Rajveer react to this new development? All these burning questions will be answered in the forthcoming episodes.

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