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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 18th December 2023 Written Update: Suraj learns about Nikita regaining consciousness.

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 18th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode starts with Aarthi approaching Kabir and noticing that he seems distracted. Aarthi calls out to Kabir and asks him why he is allowing this to happen. Kabir is confused and asks Aarthi what she is referring to. Aarthi expresses her concern about seeing Kabir sad and urges him to tell Kesar about his feelings. Kabir explains that Kesar is happy with Suraj and he doesn’t want to ruin her happiness by confessing his feelings. Aarthi hopes that Kabir will get an opportunity to express himself to Kesar.

Meanwhile, Kesar prays to Goddess and seeks her support, asking for Ambica to always have a smile on her face.

Suraj receives a call from Ananya and answers it. Ananya admits that she was foolish to trust him last time and informs him that Nikita has regained consciousness.

Ambica notices that Suraj has forgotten his protein shake and decides to take it to him.

Suraj confesses to Ananya that he thought Nikita was dead. Ananya reveals that she didn’t inform him about Nikita being in a coma, or else he would have gone to kill her. Suraj acknowledges his past mistakes but assures Ananya that he has changed and now his sole focus is to fulfill Ambica’s Sankalp. He requests Ananya to stop calling and harassing him. Ambica overhears Suraj’s conversation and questions him about the person he was talking to. Suraj dismisses it as a wrong number and leaves. Ambica suspects that there is more to the situation than just a wrong number.

Ambica calls Ananya from Suraj’s phone to find out who he was talking to. Ananya, assuming it’s Suraj, threatens to expose his truth to everyone.

Suraj retrieves his phone from Ambica and claims he forgot it, then leaves. Ambica wonders why a wrong number would threaten Suraj like that.

Kesar apologizes to Ambica for having to prepare the protein shake instead of her. Kesar promises to take care of it from now on.

Aarthi and Ansh visit the temple to pray. Aarthi asks God to give Kabir a chance to express his feelings to Kesar, while Ansh wishes for Aarthi’s wish to come true.

Suraj reflects on his situation while exercising and blames Ambica’s decision and Kesar for his predicament. He decides to marry Kesar and take her away from Ambica.

Dhruvi thanks Kesar for her support and later presents a design she made to the Rajgaur family. The family members praise her, and Kesar suggests that they give Dhruvi the opportunity to design all their dresses for her wedding. Everyone agrees to Kesar’s suggestion.

Kabir and Kesar assist Darshan with his physical activities. Kabir asks Kesar if she is happy, and she confirms her happiness. Kabir contemplates how to express his feelings to Kesar.

Ambica lights a Diya and prays, asking God to either take Suraj’s problems upon herself or guide her to a solution. As Ambica throws the matchstick away, her saree catches fire.

The episode ends.


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