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May I Come In Madam Upcoming Story: Kashmira’s allegations to shock Sanjana!

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Star Bharat’s show May I Come In Madam S2 is providing viewers with a delightful dose of comedy every day. The recent development of Kashmira catching Chedilal in Ramvati’s room has left everyone curious about what will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

In the ongoing track, Sanjana notices Chedilal feeling lonely and decides to bring someone to keep him company. However, to Chedilal’s surprise, instead of Ramvati, he finds a talking doll. Bubbly informs Kashmira and her family about her mother’s disappearance, leading Sajan to warn Kashmira about Ramvati’s involvement. Despite Sajan’s concerns, Kashmira defends Ramvati. When Chedilal visits Sajan’s house, he gets caught by Kashmira and her family. Ramvati tries to save him with her lies but fails, leaving Kashmira and Bhupesh furious. To add more drama, Sanjana arrives at Sajan’s house in a drunken state and unexpectedly hugs Sajan, shocking Kashmira.

In the upcoming episode, Kashmira will express her disbelief at someone’s capability to do such a thing. Sajan will mention that Ramvati could be responsible, but he finds it hard to believe that Chedy is involved. Kashmira will question Sajan’s crude remark about Ramvati. In her intoxicated state, Sanjana will confront both Sajan and Kashmira about their presence in her room, to which Sajan will remind her that it’s their house, not hers. Kashmira will inform Sanjana about her hug with Sajan, leaving Sanjana stunned. Sajan will appear worried.

Ramvati will gather her family members and Sanjana, stating that if they believe Chedilal is wrong, then she is also wrong. She will hold Chedilal’s hand and confess that they love each other. This revelation will shock Kashmira and Bhupesh, while Sanjana remains silent.

How will Kashmira react to Ramvati’s confession?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to for more updates.


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