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May I Come In Madam Upcoming Story: Vinod to investigate Sanjana

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Vinod to investigate Sanjana! Star Bharat’s show May I Come In Madam S2 is providing viewers with a delightful dose of comedy. Currently, Kashmira is concerned about Sajan’s well-being, and the future episodes promise to be intriguing.

In the ongoing track, Sajan rushes home to prevent Sanjana and Chedilal from meeting Kashmira. Despite his efforts, Sanjana is determined to proceed with the alliance. However, Sajan seeks Chedilal’s help, and after convincing Sanjana, Chedilal leaves, relieving Sajan.

Sajan warns Ramvati about Sanjana’s safety, and Kashmira shares her fears about a nightmare she had. Sajan meets Sanjana at the office, where she confesses that her life lacks excitement and suggests having a drink.

Sajan agrees and lies to Kashmira about his whereabouts. This upsets Khiloni when Sajan shares his lies with Kashmira. Meanwhile, Sanjana and Sajan get drunk, while Kashmira worries about Sajan after waking up from a nightmare. On their way home, both Sanjana and Sajan accidentally hit someone with their car.

In the upcoming episode, Sajan will return home, and Kashmira will question him about his presence in the forest. Surprised, Sajan will ask how she found out, to which Kashmira will reveal that she saw him. Sajan becomes worried when Kashmira notices blood on his shirt.

Back at the office, Sajan anxiously waits for Sanjana, concerned about her well-being. He hopes that Sanjana didn’t confess to anything that happened. Later, Sanjana suggests informing the police, but Sajan refuses, fearing that they will be misunderstood and arrested. However, Vinod arrives with Chedilal and announces Sanjana’s arrest, shocking both Sajan and Sanjana.

How will Sajan save Sanjana? Stay tuned to for more updates on the show.


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