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OMG 2: Stirring Up Controversy – The Teaser Scene that Caught the Censor Board’s Attention

The recently released teaser of OMG 2, starring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, has sparked disappointment and backlash from viewers and fans. Specifically, there is one scene in which Akshay Kumar, portraying the role of Mahadev (Lord Shiva), is shown performing Rudra Abhishek with what is perceived as unclean water. This depiction has led to backlash from the internet, with many expressing disappointment and finding it disrespectful.


Due to the concerns raised, the film’s producers are now facing scrutiny from the audience and the censor board. The release of OMG 2 has been delayed as the censor board reviews the content to determine if any scenes might offend religious sensibilities or potentially ignite unnecessary controversy. This cautious approach from the censor board comes after the recent Adipurush scandal and controversy.

Netizens are requesting the removal or correction of the particular scene featuring Akshay Kumar taking Rudra Abhishek in the guise of Lord Shiva. They feel that it is disrespectful and an insult to God. Many people are expressing their dissatisfaction and urging the producers to address the issue. It remains to be seen if the producers will decide to remove or alter the sequence in question in response to the public outcry.

The controversy surrounding the teaser of OMG 2 highlights the sensitivity surrounding religious depictions and the need for filmmakers to carefully consider the potential impact of their content. It remains a topic of discussion among viewers and fans, who are eager to see how the situation unfolds and if the concerns raised will be addressed.


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