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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Amresh succeeds to make Dhawal and Natasha part ways!

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Star Plus’s show Pandya Store is currently depicting Natasha’s heartbreak after being blamed for Amresh leaving the house. In the upcoming episodes, Dhawal will make a surprising decision to balance his responsibilities towards Amresh and Natasha.

In the previous episode, Amba speaks ill of Natasha to Hetal, calling her selfish. Natasha admits that she is selfish, which is why they tricked her into signing the papers. Amresh continues to emotionally manipulate Dhawal. He even suggests that Dhawal can divorce Natasha if he doesn’t love her. Dhawal initially agrees but realizes that Amresh wants him to ask for a divorce.

Dhawal requests Amresh to promise him that he will return the Pandya Store to Natasha. Amresh agrees, and Dhawal tearfully hugs him. Meanwhile, Natasha blames herself for tearing the Makwana family apart and cries in her room. When Amresh returns home with Dhawal, the whole family is relieved.

Hetal advises Dhawal to resolve the issues between him and Natasha. Natasha sees Amresh coming back home, while Dhawal believes that divorcing Natasha is necessary for the happiness of their household, considering that Amresh has given the Pandya Store back to Natasha.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal will present divorce papers to Natasha, claiming that he has already signed them. Natasha will also sign the papers. Will this mark a fresh start for Natasha and Dhawal, or will it be the end of their story?

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on what happens next.


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