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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Suman to finally find reality of Makwanas

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Pandya Store, a popular show on Star Plus, has left viewers devastated as Dhawal and Natasha decide to part ways. However, the question remains: will destiny bring them back together?

In the previous episode, Amresh informs Amba that Dhawal has made a promise to give Pandya Store to Natasha in exchange for their divorce. Bhavin overhears this conversation, while Isha worries about how this separation will affect her relationship with Chiku.

Natasha advises Dhawal to reconsider his actions, warning him that playing with someone’s heart can ruin their life. In frustration, Dhawal grabs Natasha’s hand and drags her outside.

Meanwhile, at the Pandya house, Suman instructs the lawyer to draft a will. She wants to prevent a repeat of the incident with Pandya Store and decides to divide the house equally among the family members, with the condition that they take care of Natasha.

Chiku promises Suman that she will support Natasha throughout this difficult time. Dhawal forcefully pushes Natasha out of the Makwana house, leaving her heartbroken as he closes the gate on her.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal will express his relief to Amresh that the trouble in the house is now gone. He ignores Amresh’s attempt to hug him, indicating his anger and resentment. Suman tells Natasha that the Makwanas took advantage of them for their own benefit and assures her that they will face the consequences.

To find out what happens next, make sure to stay tuned for more exciting twists and turns in the story.


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