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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Will Dhawal go away from Makwanas too?

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Star Plus’ show Pandya Store is currently depicting the situation where Dhawal hands over divorce papers to Natasha and treats her rudely in order to get her to sign them. But what will occur next? Will they be able to move forward?

In the previous episode, Dhawal approached Natasha with a stack of papers. Natasha questioned Dhawal if they were Pandya Store papers that Amresh had returned. Dhawal clarified that they were not Pandya Store papers, but rather papers for marriage annulment, which stunned the entire Makwana family. He then handed the divorce papers to Natasha.

Amresh stated that this issue is between Natasha and Dhawal, so they should allow them to resolve it. Dhawal claimed that Natasha feels suffocated in their relationship and continued to provoke her to sign the papers. Natasha admitted that it was her mistake to trust him and ended up signing the divorce papers.

While closing the suitcase, Dhawal accidentally injured his hand, causing blood to splatter onto Natasha’s forehead. Dhawal wiped away his tears and removed the blood stains from Natasha’s hairline.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal will throw Natasha out of the Makwana house. He will declare that the trouble in the house is finally gone and things will return to how they used to be. Amresh will attempt to hug Dhawal, but he will stop him, insisting that he is perfectly fine and will go to his room.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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