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Pushpa Impossible 12th December 2023 Written Update: Prathna reveals the reason of returning home to Susheela

Pushpa Impossible 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Bapodara accusing Juggal and Pushpa of having an affair. An argument breaks out between Bapodara and Chirag, leading to Bapodara falling down the stairs. Bapodara then accuses Chirag of pushing him.

Prathna confronts Chirag about putting her in such a situation, to which he claims it was an accident. Prathna warns Chirag that she will stand by her father if he raises a hand at Pushpa. Chirag loses his temper and shouts at Prathna. Prathna asserts that she is on her father’s side this time. Pushpa tries to intervene and urges Bapodara not to create a rift between Chirag and Prathna. Prathna takes Bapodara away from the scene.

Chirag explains to Pushpa that he did not push Bapodara. He clarifies that during their physical altercation, Bapodara and he both tried to catch him, but Prathna misunderstood and thought Chirag pushed him. Rashi calls Ashwin to inform him about the incident. However, Pushpa stops Rashi from revealing anything.

Pushpa recalls the events and goes to Juggal, who is seen packing his clothes. Pushpa admits to Juggal that it was her mistake to stop him from leaving earlier, as she forgot that society can never accept a platonic friendship between a man and a woman. Juggal comments on society’s narrow-mindedness and states that he is leaving for his village the next day. Pushpa notices Prathna returning home with her family.

Kaki takes Pushpa aside and they have a conversation. Pushpa confides in Kaki, expressing her fatigue with all the troubles. Pushpa believes that once Juggal leaves, everything will be better.

Ashwin tells Deepti that he doesn’t need to share anything with her since they are not together. Deepti assures Ashwin that she will always support what is right and that once he realizes his mistake, he will return to his old self, with her by his side.

Susheela scolds Prathna for her actions, but Prathna defends herself, saying that Bapodara left her with no choice. Prathna acknowledges that she is fortunate to have a mother-in-law like Pushpa and a husband like Chirag, who would never harm Bapodara. However, she believes this was the only logical explanation she had at the time. Susheela admires Prathna’s maturity.

Chirag and Rashi discuss Bapodara, while Pushpa tells Chirag that Prathna was forced to leave and he needs some time to process everything.

The episode ends with a preview of the sanatorium bringing Dilip to the Chawl, and Bapodara stating that Dilip will not stay there.


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