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Chand Jalne Laga 12th December 2023 Written Update: Malik abducts Raunaq

Chand Jalne Laga 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Farvari confessing to Malik that he was right about Raunaq betraying her. She shares the details of what happened, and Malik agrees that both siblings have a history of betrayal. Farvari then tells Malik about the goons involved, and he assures her that he will handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Ananya asks Tara if she’s okay, and Tara caresses Deva’s picture, expressing her desire for him to be with her. However, she realizes that she must marry Arjun to save the house and Vanraj. Ananya assures Tara that marrying Arjun will also bring her a good alliance. Tara acknowledges Arjun’s efforts in making her happy and feels she must do the same for him.

Soni asks Ananya about Tara’s decision, and Ananya reveals that Tara has agreed to marry Arjun. Soni is overjoyed by the news. On the other hand, Tara waits for Arjun and expresses her readiness to marry him. Arjun notices that she saw him while keeping her eyes closed and questions if her decision is due to pressure. Tara denies it.

Meanwhile, Soni celebrates by lighting crackers, but Malik reprimands her for not considering the horses’ fear of loud noises. Soni apologizes and then informs Malik about Tara’s wedding. She reveals that Tara has always wanted a good life and is now close to Arjun, who she agreed to marry today. This news angers Malik, and he storms off.

Ananya applies mehndi on Tara’s hand and accidentally writes ‘D’ instead of ‘A.’ She quickly corrects her mistake and apologizes. Ananya expresses her disbelief that Tara’s engagement is happening today and shares her own hopes for her future husband. Tara reflects on her feelings for Malik but decides to reveal them once he accepts her.

Meanwhile, Raunaq tries to send a message to Farvari, but the goons kidnap him. Tara hears the commotion and finds Raunaq’s wallet on the floor. Malik arrives, and she fails to notice Raunaq. The goon informs Malik that they have Raunaq and are awaiting his instructions. Tara questions Malik about the situation, and he mocks her before leaving. Tara accidentally stains his coat with mehndi, and he asks if her anger is more important than her mehndi.

Malik surprises Tara by giving her a day off and mentions that he heard about her upcoming marriage from Soni. He teases her about his surprise and leaves. Arjun approaches Malik and confidently states that he will buy the haveli within 24 hours. He presents the documents and challenges Malik to read them carefully or seek legal counsel. Arjun reveals that the document is invalid due to the mentally unstable person’s signature. Malik tears the document, stating that his life will change in the next 24 hours.

Ananya greets Malik, and Arjun informs Tara that his parents are coming to meet him. Ananya invites Malik to attend the engagement, and Arjun expresses his happiness about the day. Malik agrees to attend and hugs Tara. The episode ends with Malik’s shocking move.


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