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Doree 12th December 2023 Written Update: Ganga Prasad ruins Anand’s plan

Doree 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ganga Prasad giving Doree an anklet as a gift. She expresses her gratitude and he promises to buy her a better one after Diwali. Neelu suggests that Doree should go to Anand’s house while Ganga Prasad goes to the temple, as no one will be at home. Neelu sees this as an opportunity to send Doree far away. However, Doree refuses to go with Neelu, stating that Kailash Devi has instructed her to bring Doree to her. If she fails to do so, Kailash Devi will be angry and punish Ganga Prasad. Neelu threatens to inform Kailash Devi about this, which worries Doree. Reluctantly, Doree agrees to go with Neelu to attend the pooja.

Meanwhile, Kailash Devi is busy preparing for the pooja and Vansh asks Vickram to play with him. Vickram declines, saying he has work to do. Vansh sits on the Tuladan and Komal asks him to get up, explaining that it is for her son. Vansh questions if Kailash Devi gave the Tuladan to him like this, but Komal denies it, stating that her son is special to everyone. Vansh complains to Kailash Devi, who glares at Komal.

Doree arrives at the pooja looking for Kailash Devi. She smells Halwa and asks Mansi if she is cooking it. Mansi confirms this and warns Doree that it’s hot. Doree explains that she was looking for Kailash Devi and Mansi informs her that Kailash Devi wants Doree to attend the pooja. Doree mentions that Kailash Devi doesn’t like her, to which Mansi replies that Kailash Devi doesn’t want to see her in Lord Shiva attire and that she will become Durga Maa today. Kailash Devi overhears their conversation but doesn’t notice Doree.

Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad is packing delivery items and Nani urges him to go to the temple, emphasizing the importance of not ignoring God. Anand realizes that he can’t return to this house anymore. Mansi applies makeup to Doree and feels emotional, wishing she could have dressed her own daughter like this. Doree calls her “mom” and Mansi wipes away her tears, holding her hand. Mansi compliments Doree’s beauty and they play with a crying baby.

Vansh feels neglected and Kailash Devi instructs Mansi to bring Doree downstairs. Meanwhile, Neelu sneaks into Doree’s house and hides crackers in a package. Mansi brings Doree downstairs, introducing her as Durga Maa, which shocks Kailash Devi. She recalls Doree’s previous misbehavior and questions how she ended up there. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad tells Nani that he has something for Doree to place in the temple but forgot it at home. He excuses himself and Neelu praises herself. Anand notices Ganga Prasad returning home and tries to alert Neelu, but Ganga Prasad spots her. The episode ends with Neelu burning the delivery items.

Precap: Neelu burns the delivery things.


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