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Dabangii 12th December 2023 Written Update: Satya humiliates Ankush

Dabangii 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ankush’s father questioning Arya about why she went to the garden without informing anyone. Arya explains to Ankush’s father that she didn’t know Tanmay was lying. In response, Ankush’s father tells Arya that she won’t be allowed to have chocolate, ice cream, or biscuits the next day. He then instructs Arya to go to sleep, and Arya expresses her frustration at being punished because of Tanmay before leaving.

Ankush recalls the recent events and discusses with his father how their actions have led Bela and Sai to believe that Arya is Ankush’s illegitimate daughter. Ankush worries about Sai, as she has started lying since coming to their house. Ankush’s father asks him what Arya might be doing at the moment.

Meanwhile, Arya is shown contemplating how to get revenge on Tanmay.

Ankush tells his father that Arya is probably thinking of ways to take revenge on Tanmay. He emphasizes that while Arya may have Satya’s blood running through her veins, her character should not be influenced by it. Ankush reminds his father of the promise he made to Chaya and his determination to keep it.

Later, Ankush’s father gives biscuits to Arya, who reminisces about Chaya and misses her.

Ankush is seen ironing his uniform, and Arya asks him if his father also irons his shirt in the same way. Ankush remains silent and hangs the ironed uniform before leaving to perform Satya’s duties.

However, Ankush is stopped by Satya’s security. Jaanrao intervenes and allows Ankush to enter the house. Ankush proceeds inside.

Satya goes to his car, and Jaanrao asks Ankush to open the car door. Ankush does so, but when Satya drops his shoe, Jaanrao instructs Ankush to put it on for him. Ankush refuses, stating that it’s not part of his duties. Satya remarks on his arrogance, but Arya steps in and helps Satya put on his shoe, teasing him in the process.

In another scene, Tanmay gets frightened as someone sneaks up behind him. Arya notices this and laughs at him. Tanmay tries to threaten Arya using his mother, but Arya decides to teach him a lesson.

Elsewhere, Kasturi informs her guests about the upcoming party where an MLA ticket will be given. She mentions that there will be a party afterward as well. Avdabai tries to make a suggestion, but Kasturi dismisses it, claiming she has everything under control. One of Kasturi’s guests, Prathibha, criticizes Avdabai for not seeming like a happy daughter-in-law. Avdabai responds by reminding Prathibha of her own situation and sends her away. Avdabai then comments on Kasturi and leaves.

Ankush’s father questions Ankush about how Satya managed to get a party ticket after being rejected by the party before. Ankush explains that Satya regained his reputation and played a big game to secure the ticket. Ankush’s father finds it hard to believe. After making sure Arya is asleep, Ankush leaves. Arya wakes up shortly after and decides it’s time to execute her plan.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arya disguises herself as a ghost and frightens Tanmay, making him bark like a dog in the garden. Kasturi and the rest of the family witness this and rush over. Arya hides from them, and Kasturi takes Tanmay inside, asking everyone else to leave.


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