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Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th December 2023 Written Update: Dua learns the truth

Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode starts with Hina expressing her gratitude to Rahat for forgiving her and telling him that she loves him deeply. Rahat assures her that he will take care of her and asks her to focus on getting better. Hina refers to Gulnaaz as a devil, unaware that Gulnaaz is eavesdropping. Dua stops Gulnaaz from entering the room, and Rahat reassures Hina that no one is outside. Rahat then asks Hina how she fell down, suggesting that someone pushed her from the window. Hina insists that she fell down the stairs and can’t remember anything. Dua remembers the doctor’s advice not to force Hina to recall the past, as it could harm her health, and signals Rahat not to question her further.

Rahat agrees not to press Hina for answers and offers to make tea for her. Hina, feeling a sense of familiarity with Rahat, tells him that she feels like she is with the old Rahat who loved her. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz glares at Rahat, and Dua expresses her concern about Hina’s health and Gulnaaz’s jealousy. Hina suddenly starts talking about the past and reveals that she regained her memories while in the hospital. She explains that she had forgotten everything due to her head injury and begins to recount her confrontation with Gazal. Hina accuses Gazal of taking advantage of her health condition to frame her and send her to jail, but she was released once her memories returned. Hina scolds Gazal in front of everyone, and Haider informs them that his mother has partial memory loss.

Dua reveals that Gazal used Hina’s health condition to protect herself and expresses her frustration at not being able to disclose the complete truth. Haider insists that someone will be held accountable, and he and Dua leave the house. Gazal hides in the car trunk and resolves to find out what Dua is up to. Haider visits the hospital and shares Hina’s health condition with the doctor, suspecting that he is hiding something. The doctor denies any responsibility for Hina’s state and claims that she was fine while in the hospital. However, the doctor eventually reveals that he hid the truth at Gazal’s request to protect Hina. Gazal overhears this revelation and realizes that her game is over.

Haider confronts the doctor and expresses his disappointment in not being trusted with the truth. Dua asks the doctor to explain the situation to them, and he discloses Hina’s exact health condition. Dua also reveals that Gazal is aware of the truth and tried to prevent Hina from exposing it. Gazal, fearing that Dua could convince Hina and get closer to Haider, decides to use Hina and then eliminate her later.

And that’s the end of the episode.


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