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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2023 Written Update: Hina beats Gazal with a broom

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode starts with Gulnaaz pushing Gazal out of the house. Dua congratulates Gazal and informs her that she has to leave the house and her life forever. No one can save her. Hina slaps Dua and tells her not to call her mom. She accuses Gazal of being a greedy person who took away Haider’s company and their house. Hina believes Gazal is also trying to take away her husband. Gazal recalls how she manipulated Hina and informs her that she doesn’t have anything against her. Dua reassures Gazal that Haider is a good person who won’t betray her. Gazal claims to not remember anything and Hina suggests writing everything on her hand as a reminder. Gazal sees this as an opportunity to use Hina to stop Haider from kicking her out.

Meanwhile, Hina checks her hand and Haider questions her about forgetting what Gazal did to Dua. He calls Gazal a monster who ruined their family. Hina realizes she needs to do something to stop Gazal from leaving. Haider believes Hina should not support Gazal and that they need to put an end to this today.

In an attempt to stop Gazal from being kicked out, Hina takes a knife and threatens to kill herself. Everyone pleads with Hina not to do it, but she insists that Gazal should not leave. Hina asks Haider to choose between her and Dua, claiming she is not threatening him but willing to go through with her suicide. Hina blames Dua for everything that’s happening and Gazal advises her not to do it for her sake. Hina asks Gazal to stay away and ignores her. She then slits her wrist, further pressurizing Haider not to send Gazal away. Haider assures Hina that he won’t send Gazal out and promises her. Gazal feels relieved, but Hina faints. Haider calls for a doctor and takes Hina away. Gazal throws the divorce papers, feeling triumphant, while Dua points out that she may have won this battle but wonders how Gazal will live in the house.

Dua confesses her love for Haider but acknowledges that he hates her after discovering the truth about Gazal’s intentions. Haider realizes he was manipulated and now despises Gazal. Gulnaaz, who supported Gazal, also realized her true intentions and turned against her. Rahat allowed Gazal to stay in the house but now knows that she used everyone and ruined his family, causing him to hate her too. Kaynaat and Hafeez are determined to seek revenge for Gazal’s attempts to harm Kaynaat’s baby. Hameeda is also waiting for an opportunity to kill Gazal as she hates her. Gazal feels trapped and believes only Hina can save her, but Dua questions how long Hina will protect her.

Gazal is shocked to find the family members surrounding her. She runs and locks herself in a room, but Dua assures them that she won’t give up and will find a way to fight back. Haider suggests that Gazal will use her mother again, but Gazal thinks she escaped from them. However, Hina confronts Gazal and starts beating her with a broom, blaming her for ruining Haider’s life and Dua’s happiness. The family rushes to Gazal’s aid, and Gazal realizes that Hina remembers everything. Gazal fears for her life and warns the family that they will kill her. Hina calmly states that she wants it to happen. Everyone realizes that Hina is fine, but Gazal is on the floor. Hameeda jokingly asks Gazal if Hina beat her up badly. Dua notices Hina’s angry glare at Gazal and believes it’s the right time to ask Hina about the incident. However, Hina says she has an important task to finish first, leaving Dua to wonder if Hina plans to kick Gazal out of the house.

Episode ends.


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