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Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th December 2023 Written Update: Dua gets suspicious

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Haider tearing up the divorce papers and throwing them in Gazal’s face. Gazal glares at him while he mocks her. Haider asserts that she can’t separate him from Dua. Dua signals something to him, and Haider hands Gazal a notice. Dua tells her to check it, revealing that it’s a family court notice. Their hearing is scheduled, and Gazal must now pray for her divorce from Haider on that day. Dua questions if Gazal knows that she will go straight to jail from the court. Dua reveals that they saw Gazal’s plan through the CCTV and heard her voice. They had already informed Gazal about the CCTV camera and warned her not to plot against them, but she didn’t listen. Gazal had planned to disrupt the wedding of Kaynaat and Hafeez, but they planned against her. Hameeda pretended to apologize to Hina, while Haider pretended to convince her. Hina fell for their acting and agreed to the wedding.

Haider warns Gazal not to try to provoke Hina against them, stating that she will face the consequences. He compares her to a dog barking inside a lion’s cave. Gazal claims that they can’t do anything by keeping a close watch on her and boasts that she will stay near them like air, unseen and untouched. She is waiting for the right time to act. She is determined to prevent Kaynaat from marrying Hafeez and to stop Dua and Haider’s wedding. Gazal believes that if Hina doesn’t remember the incident, her game will be over. She decides that she must change the situation and prevent the divorce from happening. Meanwhile, everyone is busy checking jewelry and clothing designs.

Haider suggests printing invitation cards and inviting everyone to save time. Dua informs him that Hina is resting in her room, and Dadi tells Hina to take her medicine. Ruhan suggests sending invitations through mobile to save time, but Dadi insists on personally inviting everyone. Gazal realizes that everyone is preoccupied with Kaynaat’s wedding and sees an opportunity to save her married life. She sneaks into Dua’s room and starts changing clothes in her wardrobe. Ruhan notices her presence and alerts everyone, prompting them to rush to Dua’s room. Gazal discovers Dua’s IVF reports and hides them among the clothes just as everyone arrives.

Gulnaaz confronts Gazal, accusing her of attempting to steal something. Gazal throws the clothes down and claims that she will uncover the truth. She searches through the clothes, determined to ruin all of Dua’s plans. Gazal throws more clothes on the report and asserts that it’s her room. Gulnaaz reminds her that it’s not her house, but Gazal insists that she is a daughter-in-law of the house and that Dua must leave. She throws the clothes out of the room, unknowingly discarding the report in the process. Hina questions what is happening, and Gazal lies to her. Hina expresses her support for Gazal, angering Haider. However, Dua manages to convince him.

And that concludes the episode.


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