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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 Upcoming Story: Did Viraj outsmarted Security guard?

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 is a popular show on Star Bharat. In the latest episode, Avinash informs Siya about some footage. The question is, will he arrest Siya or someone else? Let’s find out.

Currently, the Priest is trying to delay Siya’s marriage at her request. However, Khushi intervenes and convinces the Priest to set an earlier date for the wedding. Khushi believes that this will help Siya and Viraj reveal the truth. Meanwhile, the security guard, who has received money from Dadi, decides to leave the city. Siya witnesses this unexpected departure.

Avinash is waiting for the blackmailer but instead, Unniyal and Nupur catch the security guard and take him away. Siya manages to rescue Dadi. Avinash realizes that Siya is behind this and reprimands the constables for leaking information. He then receives a pendrive.

Siya informs Dadi that she has confirmed the security guard as the blackmailer by comparing his handwriting to the note in the register. She expresses her gratitude to Unniyal and Nupur and asks them to take the security guard to Viraj.

Viraj confronts the security guard and learns that he sent a pendrive to Avinash. Viraj reveals that he has the security guard’s family in his custody. Unniyal informs Siya’s family that Avinash is on his way. Dadi becomes worried about the possibility of being arrested by the police, but Viraj assures her that he has arranged for bail. Siya decides to confess to killing Raghav.

In the upcoming episode, Avinash will reveal to Siya what he saw in the footage. The audience will have to wait to find out what exactly he discovered and what Viraj plans to do with the security guard.

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