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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 Upcoming Story: What! Did Avinash found proof against Siya?

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 is an Indian entertainment show on Star Bharat. In the latest episode, Avinash discovers some evidence against Siya. The nature of this evidence is yet to be revealed.

Currently, Siya is struggling to cope with Raghav’s death and is unsure about what to do. Viraj reassures her that their marriage is a serious commitment and tells her not to worry about Khushi’s demands. Siya believes that Khushi’s happiness is important for her recovery. Raghav’s mother suggests that they pretend to be a married couple in front of Khushi. Unfortunately, Khushi overhears this conversation.

Meanwhile, a security guard suspects that Dadi, Siya’s grandmother, has not really been kidnapped. He sends her a message, which Avinash discovers. Avinash urges Dadi to tell the truth for the sake of their family’s well-being. However, Dadi remains silent and refuses to eat or take her medication. Avinash is pleased when he reads the security guard’s message. Unniyal and Nupur manage to locate Dadi, but she is not there when they arrive.

Avinash decides to move Dadi to another location. Siya, on the other hand, agrees to go along with Raghav’s mother’s plan and discusses it with the priest. Khushi asks the priest to arrange an earlier marriage date for Siya and Viraj.

In the next episode, Unniyal informs Siya that Avinash has obtained some evidence. Avinash believes that the truth will come out eventually and shows them a pair of handcuffs. What is Khushi’s plan? Did Avinash meet the security guard? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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