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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 Upcoming Story: What! Did Siya and Viraj go for dinner date?

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2, a popular show on Star Bharat, is full of exciting spoilers, upcoming stories, latest gossip, future stories, and the latest news. In the upcoming episode of Saubhagyavati Bhava 2, Mehek will try to outsmart Siya and Viraj. Will Mehek succeed in her plan? Let’s find out!

Currently, Viraj is interrogating everyone. Siya tries to convince him that their family members are innocent. However, Viraj has found a clue. He shows Siya an agarbatti and reveals that it contains drugs. The culprit has been using this drug-infused agarbatti to make everyone hallucinate. He also suspects that the tantrik was called to create more drama. Siya defends her grandmother, Dadi, but Viraj remains suspicious.

Later, Siya gathers everyone in the hall and along with Viraj, reveals the truth about the drug-infused agarbatti. Viraj accuses Dadi, but Sushma comes to Dadi’s defense. Surprisingly, Dadi admits that she is behind everything. Viraj wonders why Dadi is not exposing the real culprit and remembers his plan to use Dadi as a pawn to catch the mastermind. Meanwhile, Mehek remembers how she manipulated Dadi into carrying out her plan.

In the upcoming episode, Mehek becomes angry when she sees Siya and Viraj on a dinner date. She decides to use her trick on them. What will happen to Siya and Viraj? Will Mehek get caught? All these questions will be answered in the next episodes.

Stay tuned to to find out what happens next in your favorite show, Saubhagyavati Bhava 2.


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