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Saubhagyavati Bhava 28th December 2023 Written Update: Siya turns against Viraj

Saubhagyavati Bhava 28th December 2023 Written Update on

Siya receives call records from a detective and listens to a voice recording of Viraj where he hired someone to kill Rajendra. She realizes that Viraj is the one who killed Rajendra, not Raghav. Feeling foolish for trusting Viraj, Siya decides to take revenge on him. Tushar informs her that Khushi and Unniyal have come to meet her, so she composes herself and goes downstairs, choosing not to discuss Viraj at the moment.

Unniyal expresses his sadness upon hearing the news of Risha’s death, and Siya reveals her intention to find Risha’s murderer. Khushi informs Siya about the preparations for the wedding, while Siya notices a missing button on Unniyal’s shirt, suspecting him to be Risha’s killer. Siya believes that Viraj instructed Unniyal to kill Risha and regrets trusting Viraj. She asks Khushi to order a dress for herself and mentions having important work to do, leaving the room.

Unniyal receives another envelope revealing that someone knows he misled Siya. Determined to keep Siya from discovering the truth, he decides to stop the blackmailer and sends them money.

Siya confides in Tushar about finding Rajendra’s murderer, revealing that it was Viraj. Shocked, Tushar suggests going to the police, but Siya insists on finding a witness and gathering evidence first. She emphasizes the importance of not trusting anyone and asks Tushar to be cautious. Tushar apologizes for not understanding her reasons for agreeing to marry Viraj and promises to find the truck driver.

Rashmi arrives and expresses her happiness for Siya’s upcoming marriage, apologizing for her past mistakes. Siya forgives her and asks if Rashmi has met Sushma and Dadi, to which Rashmi nods.

Meanwhile, Dadi consoles Risha’s mother, while Unniyal resolves to stop Siya and Viraj’s engagement by any means necessary.

In the precap, Khushi informs Siya about Viraj’s impending discharge, and Unniyal reveals that Viraj has been kidnapped, leaving everyone shocked.


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