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Saubhagyavati Bhava 7th December 2023 Written Update: Dadi gets kidnapped

Saubhagyavati Bhava 7th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Avinash telling Siya that he has never seen a murder cover-up like this. Siya asks him what he means. He tells her that since the media is not present, she doesn’t need to pretend anymore. She questions if her emotions are just an act for him. He explains that he will remind her how her family killed Raghav and made it look like an accident. Siya’s family killed Raghav in his house, destroyed his jacket, and made everyone believe that Raghav’s body was destroyed. Siya then pretended that Raghav was still alive.

Siya reminds Avinash that he saw the DNA test results. He replies that he should have done a gender test as well. He reveals that he later found out Raghav’s mother has a daughter, and Raghav’s sister pretended to be Raghav in the hospital. He wanted to do another DNA test, but the sample was missing from the laboratory. Siya is shocked to hear this. Avinash accuses Siya of being a criminal who took the help of many people to cover up her crime. He vows to find a witness to prove his claims and regain his reputation.

Later, Viraj tells Siya that she has to handle Raghav’s business. Siya refuses, stating that she doesn’t want anything related to Raghav. She explains that Raghav used the business against her, so she wants nothing to do with it. Viraj insists on helping her, but Siya assures him that she can handle the business and knows he’s there to support her.

Dadi reads a letter from the blackmailer who knows the truth. She decides to hide it from Siya and wonders what she should do since she doesn’t have the money the blackmailer wants.

After some time, the security guard calls Dadi and demands money. Dadi refuses to give in and hangs up. Siya and Viraj search for Khushi and Dadi, eventually finding Khushi locked in a cupboard. Khushi reveals that Dadi has been kidnapped. Siya finds the blackmailer’s letter.

The episode ends with a precap of Khushi falling down the stairs.


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