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Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th December 2023 Written Update: Sahiba reveals a shocking truth to Angad

Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Garry parking the car at the side of the road. Mannat helps Sahiba into the driver’s seat, and Garry starts the car. Parth and Dev push the car, but unfortunately, it crashes into a bridge pole, causing Sahiba to injure her head.

After some time, Angad arrives and discovers Sahiba’s car accident. He quickly gets Sahiba out of the car and tries to wake her up. Eventually, Sahiba regains consciousness.

Angad questions Sahiba about why she was at the Fandom Park Hotel and why she was driving when she has never driven before. Sahiba explains that Garry placed her in the driver’s seat and insists that she did not drive the car herself. Angad finds it hard to believe Sahiba’s claims and suggests they go to the hospital. He carries Sahiba in his arms, but she asks him to put her down. Sahiba reveals that Garry is alive and that she saw him with her own eyes. She also mentions that Dev, Mannat, and Parth are a part of Garry’s team. Sahiba explains that Garry created a character named Sunny Sood to steal the diamond Junune Dil from Angad. Angad wonders how Sahiba knows all this.

Sahiba tells Angad that she followed Seerat and discovered Garry’s plans. She explains that Garry thought she was unconscious and revealed their plan in front of her. Angad questions Sahiba as to why she didn’t try to save herself if she was conscious. Sahiba clarifies that she wanted to bring the truth to Angad. Angad is shocked to learn that Garry would go to such lengths to destroy him. Sahiba reveals that Garry is not the real mastermind behind all this, but there is someone else pulling the strings. Sahiba suggests they go to Hotel Fandom Park to see if Garry is still there.

Meanwhile, at the engagement, Veer welcomes the bride in front of all the guests. Inder tries to call Angad, but he doesn’t answer.

While driving, Angad wonders why Garry hates him so much. Sahiba apologizes to Angad for not listening to him, but he reassures her that if she had listened, they wouldn’t have discovered the truth about Garry. Angad admits that he is nothing without Sahiba.

The episode ends.

In the preview, Sahiba witnesses an argument between Garry and Yash. She can’t believe that Garry is alive and that Yash is supporting him.


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