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Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th December 2023 Written Update: The Brar’s face tremendous loss in business

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Yash claiming that he is unaware of the credit card situation and suggests that it may have been one of his employees who is responsible. Jasleen also defends Yash Raj’s actions. Sahiba accuses Yash of using his actions to get close to the Brar family and destroy them. Yash insists that he has no motive to harm the Brar family since he already has wealth and status. He also reveals that he abandoned Garry as a child and did not attend his funeral.

Yash requests Angad to allow him to meet Garry if possible. Jasleen asks Angad if he personally saw Garry. Angad denies it and states that Sahiba is the one who saw Garry. Jasleen accuses Sahiba of trying to ruin her engagement and using her deceased son, Garry, for her own benefit. Yash tells Jasleen that if her family members share the same doubts, then they should reconsider the engagement. He then leaves.

Hansraj and Prabjyot question Sahiba and Angad about their accusations against Yash Raj. Sahiba reveals that there is another person who witnessed Garry alive and asks Seerat to tell the truth in front of everyone.

Sahiba brings Seerat to Yash and urges her to confess that she saw Garry alive and was in contact with him for a long time.

Jaspal learns that the Brar family business is suffering significant losses due to leaked business secrets. Jaspal informs the Brar family about this development. Akaal asks Angad how their business secrets could have been leaked if they were in his locker. Seerat remembers that she was the one who gave the information to Garry. She hopes that her actions remain concealed. Senior Inspector Megha Kashyap arrives at the Brar mansion to arrest Angad for fraud. Angad tries to explain that Garry, using the alias Sunny Sood, stole the diamond. However, Megha insists that they have evidence proving Angad’s true identity as Sunny Sood.

The episode concludes.

Precap: A lady officer arrives at the Brar mansion with the police and announces that they must face the consequences of Angad’s crimes, leading to the auction of the house. Sahiba faints, and Gurleen suggests that Sahiba may be pregnant.


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