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Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th December 2023 Written Update: Yash shares his suspicion with Sahiba.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sahiba searching for an auto. Mannat comes and offers Sahiba a lift. Mannat explains that she asked Yash about Sahiba’s college and came to apologize to her. She gives Sahiba a gift as a token of apology, but Sahiba refuses to accept it. Angad calls out to Sahiba and questions why Mannat is there. Sahiba clarifies to Angad that Mannat came to apologize on her own and she didn’t invite her. Mannat confirms Sahiba’s statement. After talking to Angad and Sahiba, Mannat invites them to Club X, and Angad agrees, saying he wants to meet Sunny Sood.

Meanwhile, a mysterious person learns that Angad and Sunny Sood are going to meet for the first time at Club X. The mysterious person sees this as an opportunity to trap Angad unknowingly.

Jabjyot and Prabjyot show jewelry to Jasleen, but she doesn’t like any of the pieces.

Sahiba calls Angad to ask where he is, as they have to go to Mannat’s party. Angad informs Sahiba that he will be late and suggests she go to the party without him. Sahiba agrees.

Seerat suggests to Jasleen that she should wear the family jewelry, but Jasleen asks Jabjyot where it is. Jabjyot says it’s in Angad’s locker and she will ask him to get it. Seerat sees this as an opportunity to get the passcodes to Angad’s locker and open it.

At Mannat’s party, Parth asks Sahiba where Angad is, and she assures him that he will arrive soon.

Later, Mannat introduces Sunny Sood to everyone at the party. Yash talks to Sahiba and expresses his suspicion about Sunny Sood suddenly appearing out of nowhere. He asks Sahiba to call Angad and find out where he is. Sahiba agrees and makes the call.

Sunny Sood flirts with Sahiba and goes to get a drink for Mannat. Rakesh brings Sunny Sood back to Mannat and suggests they give a dance performance together, which they do.

Seerat sees Akaal and Jabjyot opening Angad’s locker to retrieve their family jewelry.

Sahiba overhears the mysterious person talking about Sunny Sood and decides to follow him. However, the mysterious person manages to escape from Sahiba.

The episode ends.

In the preview, Sahiba is shown painting on a canvas. The mysterious person asks if she can paint him, claiming they have known each other for a long time. Sahiba asks who it is, and Garry appears behind her, surprising her with his presence.


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