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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th December 2023 Written Update: Mahima tries to kill Simran

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Arjun offers to drop Kaashvi home and insists she takes rest. He sweetly puts his jacket on her, but she slips and he catches her. As they share a moment, Aditya arrives and honks his car horn to get their attention. They snap back to reality and stand up straight.

Concerned, Aditya asks Kaashvi if she is okay. Kaashvi expresses her worry about their plans not going as expected. Aditya reassures her that this is just life and takes off Arjun’s jacket, stating that she doesn’t need it and is used to using her own things.

Arjun points out that Kaashvi seems cold, but Aditya reveals that he has Kaashvi’s shawl in his car. He drapes the shawl over her and inquires about Simran’s condition. Kaashvi fills him in on everything, including Micky’s heartbreak. Aditya then informs her that he has an important meeting in Delhi the next day and takes her away from the scene.

The following day, Mahima pretends to have a stomach ache and asks Arjun to drop Karun off at school. Arjun obliges and takes Karun with him. Meanwhile, Mahima is determined to get rid of Simran. Romila tries to convince Mahima that she is perfectly fine, but Mahima brushes her off and leaves.

Later, Mahima sneaks into the hospital disguised as a nurse and wearing a mask. She convinces the police officers that she needs to administer medicine to Simran and enters her room. Inside, she reveals her true intentions to Simran, blaming her for the current state of affairs. Mahima even tries to inject her with poison by removing the oxygen mask.

Kaashvi notices the police officers outside and asks if everything is alright. A nurse arrives and informs them that another nurse has already entered Simran’s room. Kaashvi rushes in and stops Mahima just in time. Fearing exposure, Mahima flees from the scene, with Kaashvi and the police officers chasing after her.

Kaashvi wonders who could be trying to kill Simran and interrogates the nurse about her condition. The nurse assures Kaashvi that Simran is fine, and Kaashvi scolds the police officers for their negligence. Arjun arrives and learns about the situation. He ponders over who could be behind the murder attempt, considering Geetika and Harman are already in jail. Kaashvi suggests they lie in the press conference about Simran’s well-being, to lure the attacker out. However, Kaashvi is certain that the attacker will strike again.

Meanwhile, Mahima decides to send someone else to the hospital to kill Simran. Kaashvi and Arjun hide in a cupboard, and Kaashvi’s earrings get stuck on Arjun’s sweater. As he tries to untangle them, he accidentally holds her ear, creating a tender moment between them.

The episode ends with a precap, where Kaashvi discovers that her baby is alive and excitedly shares the news with Dadi. Mahima tells Romila that Kaashvi will never find her baby, no matter what.


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