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Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Geetika to threaten Mahima!

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In the current track, Kaashvi finds herself in a difficult situation when Arjun refuses to come down unless she agrees to kiss him. Reluctantly, she agrees, but Aditya witnesses the whole thing and can’t believe what he’s seeing. However, he decides not to judge Kaashvi and walks away.

Afterwards, Kaashvi scolds Arjun, reminding him that he is Mahima’s husband and betrayed her. Arjun reveals that he saw Aditya’s proposal to Kaashvi and believes she would have accepted it. He then asks her to kiss him again, but she warns him to stay away. Meanwhile, Aditya shares the news of Arjun and Kaashvi’s kiss with Dadi, who ends up slapping Kaashvi as a result.

In the upcoming episode, Geetika plans to manipulate the situation by telling Mahima that she will reveal the truth about her son being alive if Simran elopes with her. However, Simran overhears this conversation and decides that it’s time to tell the truth to Kaashvi herself.

The question remains: Will Geetika allow Simran to spill the beans to Kaashvi? And what will Mahima do now?

All these burning questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Chahatein. So, make sure to stay tuned to to find out what happens next in your favorite show!


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