12 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Started Their Careers as Child Actors!

Hey there, fellow movie buffs! We all love our favorite Hollywood stars, but did you know that some of them started their acting careers way back when they were adorable little munchkins? Yep, it’s true! Let’s take a super fun and exciting peek into the early acting journeys of 12 of our beloved celebs who’ve become total household names today!

1. Brie Larson:

Brie Larson

Who would’ve thought that the kickass Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, got her to start in showbiz by appearing in a fake ad for a “Roadkill Easy Bake Oven” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Yep, she caught Hollywood’s attention from a young age and has been crushing it ever since.

2. Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson

Before she was taking on the world as the fierce Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson was a child prodigy in the acting world. She made her mark in films like North when she was just nine years old. But it was her breakthrough role in Lost in Translation that skyrocketed her to fame.


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