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Radhika Madan Triumphs as Best Actor in Sanaa at UK Asian Film Festival

Actress Radhika Madan is beaming with joy as she recently won the Best Actor prize at the UK Asian Film Festival for her upcoming movie, Sanaa. Reflecting on the achievement, Madan describes it as an overwhelming moment, emphasizing that the audience’s emotional response during the screening, including their hugs and love, was what truly made it special for her. Winning the award is like the icing on the cake, and she expresses gratitude for the unique experience.

In Sanaa, Madan takes on the lead role of an independent and ambitious young woman grappling with unresolved trauma. When asked about what drew her to the project, Madan admits feeling initially unsure but was ultimately convinced by the uncertainty and the opportunity to work with a dedicated team.

To prepare for the challenging part, Madan reveals that she underwent extensive workshops and even spent a month living in the office. She credits the presence of director Sudhanshu as instrumental in helping her succeed in portraying the character, stating that it is the most demanding role she has ever played.

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Madan acknowledges the importance of recognition for an actor, expressing gratitude for her journey from where she started. However, she remains uncertain about whether international acclaim directly translates to financial and critical success for a film. Nonetheless, she acknowledges that international recognition elevates a movie to a different level, garnering greater respect and providing opportunities to interact with diverse individuals in foreign countries.

Discussing the appeal of Sanaa on the foreign film festival circuit, Madan explains that the portrayal of a different side of India resonated with viewers. The film showcases a self-sufficient young woman from a wealthy family working as a financial counsellor, offering a fresh perspective on modern India. Madan believes that presenting this new India was quite novel for the audience, who often associate Indian films with poverty or greatness.

Recalling a touching response she received, Madan shares an encounter with someone twice her age who hugged her, cried and expressed finding closure with a family member after 25 years. This experience reinforced for her the power of cinema and storytelling, a beautiful moment that showcased the impact films can have on people’s lives.

With her well-deserved accolade and the emotional resonance of Sanaa, Radhika Madan continues to make her mark in the industry, captivating audiences with her talent and dedication to her craft.


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