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Dipika Chikhlia’s Divine Avatar Takes Social Media by Storm, Outshining Kriti Sanon in Adipurush

The internet went wild when Dipika Chikhlia, the beloved Sita from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, dropped a video of herself dressed as Sita on social media. It was like a nostalgia bomb went off, and fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Dipika and Kriti Sanon, who plays Sita in the controversial film Adipurush.

In the video, Dipika looked ethereal in a saffron saree, adorned with a bold red bindi on her forehead and striking red sindoor. As she gracefully posed and offered her prayers, the enchanting background music of “Ram Siya Ram” from Adipurush added to the mesmerizing ambience. It’s no wonder her fans were overjoyed!

Comments poured in from fans, expressing their admiration for Dipika’s portrayal and even drawing comparisons to Kriti Sanon. Some ardent followers boldly proclaimed that Dipika was “600 crore times better” than Kriti. Another enthusiastic fan claimed that a single reel of Dipika as Sita could outshine the entire Adipurush film! The unanimous sentiment was that Dipika’s embodiment of Sita was irreplaceable.

The Adipurush controversy only fueled the debate further. Director Om Raut bidding farewell to Kriti Sanon outside the Tirupati temple and sealing it with a kiss added fuel to the fire. Dipika, who brought Sita to life on the small screen, voiced her disapproval, suggesting that Kriti may not have fully connected with the character.

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In an interview with Aajtak, Dipika candidly expressed her thoughts, stating, “This is a significant issue with actors of this generation. They fail to truly delve into the character’s emotions and understand their depth. To them, Ramayana might be another film. They haven’t formed a spiritual connection with it. Kriti belongs to today’s generation, where a kiss or a hug is seen as a sweet gesture. She probably never saw herself as Sita Ji. It becomes a matter of emotions. I have lived the character of Sita, while today’s actresses view it as merely a role. Once the film or project is over, they move on.”

The ongoing debate between Dipika Chikhlia’s timeless portrayal of Sita and Kriti Sanon’s interpretation in Adipurush continues to captivate fans and spark discussions. It’s a testament to the enduring impact of these characters and the strong emotional attachment people have to them. So, whose Sita reigns supreme? Well, that’s for the fans to decide!


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