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Aangan Apno Kaa 16th December 2023 Written Update: Akash insults Pallavi

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The latest episode begins with Akash getting angry at Pallavi for turning down a job offer, calling her unprofessional. This comes as a shock to Pallavi. Akash goes on to insult her further, suggesting that her decision was influenced by her family or her insecure boyfriend. Pallavi questions him for judging her without knowing the reasons behind her decision. Akash refuses to listen and continues to insult her, even asking if she plans to get married. Pallavi loses her temper and tells Akash that not every girl feels the need to get married. She refuses to explain her decision and challenges him to fire her if he thinks it’s the right thing to do before leaving. Akash watches her in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Deepika faces a difficult situation while working on a flight. One of the passengers and his assistant try to misbehave with her. Deepika stands up for herself, which leads the passenger to falsely accuse her of misbehaving. Deepika’s colleague tries to handle the situation, but someone records a video from afar.

Back at home, Pallavi returns and is surprised to see her favorite food prepared by Jaydev. She questions him about making so much food when it’s just the two of them. Jaydev explains that he made it for the both of them. Pallavi reveals that something happened that upset her, but when Jaydev asks who upset her, she lies and blames it on traffic. Meanwhile, Deepika is upset and worried about the consequences of what happened earlier, fearing it might affect Varun’s struggling business.

Later, Pallavi finds a printout that belongs to Jaydev and gives it to him. Jaydev asks her to open it, and she discovers Chandigarh tickets. She confronts Jaydev about it, and he reveals his plans to do organic farming with a friend. He informs Pallavi that he is leaving the next day and will be gone for five to six months, which shocks her.

The Sharma sisters meet at a restaurant, where Deepika and Tanvi ask Pallavi about Jaydev’s well-being. Pallavi assures them that he is fine and shares his travel plans. Deepika suspects that there might have been a fight between Pallavi and Jaydev, but Pallavi denies it. Meanwhile, Jaydev meets with a bank officer named Aparna to transfer funds to his daughters. Tanvi informs her sisters about her mother-in-law’s proposal to Jaydev, which he rejected. Suddenly, they all receive a notification about Jaydev transferring funds to them, and they rush to find him.

Akash returns home and tells his mother about his strange encounter with Pallavi. Meanwhile, the Sharma sisters confront Jaydev. Pallavi shouts at him, accusing him of having ulterior motives for his decision, leading to an argument. Jaydev stands his ground, stating that he wants to live life on his own terms, just like them. Pallavi breaks down in tears.

In the upcoming episode, Pallavi learns from Rahul about Tanvi’s mother-in-law’s behavior towards Jaydev and confronts her at a party. Akash, who is also present at the party, witnesses the confrontation from a distance.


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