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Parineetii 16th December 2023 Written Update: Parineet reveals the truth

Parineetii 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the priest instructing Sanju and his girl, Neeti, to take the pehras. They start circling around the fire. Suddenly, Parineet shouts for help and tries to open the door. Gurinder and Bebe are not happy with the ongoing rituals. Neeti, on the other hand, believes that she has forgiven Sanju and wants to live a happy life with him again. Sanju hopes that Parineet will also forgive him for his mistakes. However, during the third phera, Neeti slips and falls. Her veil is removed, but due to the smoke, no one can see her face. Neeti tries to cover her face again, but her dupatta flies away. She covers her face with her hair, realizing she cannot escape. Parineet gathers her confidence and tries again. Finally, a girl opens the room, and Parineet thanks her before taking her dupatta and leaving.

Sanju tries to help, but the priest advises him not to move. Parminder offers to assist Parineet, and Neeti worries about getting caught. Gurinder notices Neeti’s face through a mirror and fears that she will be exposed. Gurinder stops Parminder and suggests changing Parineet’s dress. Meanwhile, Gurinder scolds Neeti for her actions and questions if Sanju will accept her. Neeti defends herself, stating that she saved Gurinder and that she doesn’t want any help. She accuses Gurinder of only caring about herself and fixing Parineet’s wedding with Sanju for money. In frustration, Gurinder slaps her.

Babli and Monty argue, with Babli refusing to apologize for hitting him. Chandrika becomes disappointed with Amith for talking on the phone. Suddenly, Chandrika remembers something and informs Amith that Parineet did not take the pehras with Sanju. She saw someone else standing beside them wearing the same dress. Bebe becomes suspicious, and Parminder comments on Parineet’s appearance. Parineet reveals that she did not take the pehras, leading Bebe to suspect that Neeti took her place. Bebe learns from Parminder that Parineet has arrived and realizes that Gurinder took Neeti away before anyone noticed.

Neeti confronts Gurinder about her actions, and Gurinder reminds her that she is her mother-in-law and should not speak disrespectfully. Neeti argues that Gurinder deserves it and she is no longer her daughter-in-law. Gurinder tries to reason with her, emphasizing that Neeti is making a wrong decision and ruining her own life. Just then, Bebe arrives and mentions that Parineet has returned, and the pooja resumes, leaving Neeti shocked.

In the precap, Neeti pushes Parineet into the river.


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