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Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood Debut ‘Heart of Stone’ Put on Hold Amidst Screen Actors’ Guild Strike?

Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood debut in the film “Heart of Stone” seems to be facing a hurdle due to the ongoing Hollywood Actors Guild strike. The strike has caused disruptions in the industry, with actors unable to promote, shoot, or engage in any activities related to their projects. “Heart of Stone” is a Hollywood film starring Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt, set to be released on Netflix. However, with the strike in effect, the film’s release on any OTT platform is on hold until the strike is lifted.

The strike was initiated by the Screen Actors Guild, representing over 160,000 producers, after failing to reach a new labour agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which includes major studios like Walt Disney Co. and Netflix Inc.  The Studio Alliance expressed regret over the union’s decision, stating that it will cause financial hardship for numerous individuals who rely on the industry.

Despite offering substantial salary increases, improved pensions, and better health benefits, the studios have chosen to go on strike, leaving many wondering when the situation will be resolved. Notable Hollywood figures have yet to publicly address the strike, which is occurring after a span of 60 years.

Alia Bhatt will have to wait for the strike to be resolved before her fans can see her in the villainous role in “Heart of Stone.” In the meantime, she can focus on her other projects, such as “Rocky and Rani Ki Prem Kahaani.” With just two weeks until its premiere, the film’s expectations are high. Originally planned for release on August 11, the film may need to be rescheduled due to the strike.

The fate of Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood debut and the release of “Heart of Stone” on streaming platforms will depend on the resolution of the strike and the subsequent lifting of restrictions imposed by the Hollywood Actors Guild.


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