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Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update: Vanraj and Anupama get into an argument

Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Vanraj expressing his concern to Baa about Pakhi going out late at night. Baa responds by saying that they cannot question her whereabouts because Vanraj has spoiled her too much. Vanraj tries to call Pakhi, but her phone is switched off. Choti Anu is eating chocolate and asks Anupama if she will get scolded for eating it too. Anupama takes another chocolate and starts eating it. She pretends to be on a call with Devika and thanks her for protecting her from bullies at school. Anupama refers to Devika as her superhero.

Vanraj is worried about Pakhi and finally manages to connect with her on a call. To make him even more shocked, Pakhi intentionally shows him Dimpi and Titu on a video call. Pakhi pretends that Dimpi cannot be there because she is with her friend. Anupama calmly explains the issue of bullying to Choti Anu. Pakhi confronts Dimpi for lying and meeting Titu. Anupama receives a call from Kavya informing her about the situation. Pakhi calls Dimpi shameless and reveals that Vanraj is also present there, leaving him shocked.

Malti Devi thinks about Anupama’s warning to them. Barkha suggests to Malti Devi that they should reconcile with Anupama by crying and apologizing, as it won’t be difficult for Anupama to forgive them. Malti Devi believes that soon things will change and her era will begin, which will be difficult for Anupama. Vanraj questions Dimpi about being with Titu despite him asking her to only do video calls. Pakhi suggests that Dimpi would have run away with Titu if given the chance. Vanraj accuses Dimpi of cheating on Samar, who recently passed away.

Dimpi defends herself, saying that she is not doing anything wrong. She explains that she is there because it was Samar’s favorite dance event. Vanraj demands that she end her friendship with Titu. Pakhi suggests meeting her boyfriend in a hotel. Vanraj slaps Titu when he tries to defend Dimpi. Anupama questions Pakhi for making such allegations against her sister-in-law. Baa repeatedly asks Kavya about Vanraj’s whereabouts. An argument ensues between Anupama and Vanraj. He forbids Dimpi from meeting Titu and tells Titu to return to Mumbai.

Titu pleads with Vanraj to allow Dimpi to live her life as she is pregnant and needs to be happy. Anupama tells Vanraj that he is being too demanding. Vanraj explains that Dimpi’s child is the last memory of Samar, so he will do whatever it takes to protect it. He tells Anupama to mind her own relationships and stop interfering in his family matters. Vanraj angrily takes Dimpi home. Pakhi reveals that she had already informed Dimpi about meeting Titu. Vanraj warns Pakhi never to meet Titu again. The episode ends with Titu telling Anupama that his intentions were not wrong.


Vanraj gathers all his family members and warns them not to contact Anupama for any of their issues. Anuj also advises Anupama to maintain her love and concern for the Shah family from a distance and suggests she take a break.


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