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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2023 Written Update: Harman beat Micky up

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein, Aditya searches for Kaashvi and discovers that she has gone to the terrace. On the terrace, Kaashvi questions Arjun about his actions. She expresses her desire to talk to him. Arjun confesses that he wants to end his life by jumping off the terrace. He regrets ruining everything, including his relationship with Kaashvi, and feels that he no longer wants to live. Worried about his safety, Kaashvi pleads with him to come down. She fears that something bad might happen to him. Arjun, desperate for her attention, asks her to kiss him. However, Kaashvi becomes angry and refuses to fulfill his request. In response, Arjun threatens to jump off the terrace if she doesn’t comply. He prepares himself to take the plunge.

Kaashvi manages to stop him and asks if he is ready to be kissed. She tells him to stop talking nonsense and insists that he must not do anything foolish. Arjun then asks her to be prepared to witness his death. He agrees to come down from the terrace, and they embrace each other. This relieves Kaashvi, and they share a passionate kiss (with the show’s title song playing in the background). Unbeknownst to them, Aditya arrives at the scene and witnesses their intimate moment. He wonders how Kaashvi could kiss Arjun and begins to suspect that she might have feelings for him. However, he decides not to jump to conclusions and passes no judgment on Kaashvi.

Later, Kaashvi scolds Arjun for kissing her. Arjun defends himself by reminding her that she agreed to kiss him. Kaashvi clarifies that she only lied to save him and reminds him that he is married to Mahima. Arjun tries to explain his situation, but Kaashvi interrupts him and questions whether he married Mahima out of choice or obligation. She acknowledges that Mahima is his love and emphasizes that they are divorced, so he should not complicate things further. Kaashvi also points out that he is drunk and suspects that someone spiked his drink. Feeling betrayed, she declares that she no longer cares about his life and reveals that she has moved on as well.

Arjun recalls the moment when Aditya proposed to Kaashvi. In a taunting manner, he mentions that he witnessed the proposal and implies that Kaashvi would have accepted Aditya’s proposal if given the chance. He suggests that they should kiss once again for fun, given their past relationship. However, Kaashvi pushes him away and expresses her disappointment in his behavior. She calls him a deceiver and warns him to stay away from her. She advises him to focus on his training and leaves.

Meanwhile, Micky meets Simran and embraces her. Simran questions why he is near her house. Micky confesses that he cannot live without her and suggests that they should run away together. Unfortunately for Micky, Harman arrives at the scene and beats him up. The neighbors also join in and attack Micky. Geetika comes to Simran’s aid and supports her. Micky loses consciousness, and the police intervene, taking him away.

Aditya confides in Dadi, revealing that Kaashvi rejected his proposal because she still loves her ex-husband. He informs Dadi about Kaashvi kissing Arjun and explains that Arjun is a married man with a son.

The episode concludes with Dadi slapping Kaashvi and Geetika informing Mahima that she will reveal the truth about her son if Simran elopes. Simran overhears this conversation.

Precap – Dadi slaps Kaashvi. Geetika threatens to tell Kaashvi about her son if Simran decides to elope. Simran overhears their conversation.


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