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Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Update: Kavya leaves Shah house

Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of “Anupama” begins with Hansmukh reassuring Kavya that she is always welcome in their house. Kavya, who has moved to her new home, suggests that they should continue visiting her. During an emotional moment, Kavya and Leela share their feelings. Dimpi asks Kavya why all her friends are leaving, but Kavya tells her to keep coming to meet her. Kavya advises Pakhi to return to Adhik. Vanraj tells Kavya that if she is leaving, she needs to cut ties with his family members. However, Kavya asserts that they will decide for themselves whom they want to meet and she will not sever her relationships because of him.

As Kavya leaves the house, the song “Kal Ho Naa Ho” plays, triggering emotional memories of her time with Vanraj. Meanwhile, Anupama serves tea to Anuj and informs him that Kavya has shifted to her new house. Anuj advises her not to overthink. Anupama suggests going somewhere with just the three of them. Anuj remarks that he has seen pictures of Pari on Pakhi’s social media and notices how quickly she is growing up. Anupama agrees, noting that Pari has become even cuter, and expresses her reluctance to leave her yesterday. Choti overhears their conversation and becomes jealous.

Vanraj asks Toshu about Kinjal and Pari’s whereabouts. Leela suggests that they are probably sleeping, but Toshu reveals that they have gone out. Vanraj suspects that Kinjal has gone to meet Anupama. Kinjal and Pari arrive at the Kapadia house and apologize for the events of the previous day. Kinjal proposes a picnic, but Anuj declines, citing an important meeting. Malti Devi questions how Vanraj allowed them to come. Anupama offers her tea, and Kinjal asks for suggestions on where to go for the picnic. Anupama suggests a picnic spot.

During the picnic, Kinjal accidentally drops and breaks a glass, causing Anupama to worry. Vanraj becomes anxious about Kinjal ignoring his instructions and meeting Anupama. He resolves not to let Anupama interfere in his family matters this time. Kinjal and Anupama enjoy basking in the sunlight and reciting poetry. Kinjal serves Anupama coffee, and Anupama reveals that she was not accustomed to drinking coffee before. Anupama becomes emotional, reminiscing about past picnics when the children were young.

Kinjal confides in Anupama that she didn’t inform anyone at home about meeting her. Pari starts crying, and Choti insists that she is not responsible. Kinjal goes to get balloons for Pari. Anupama takes Pari in her lap, and they all dance to the song “Bam Bam Bole” to calm her down. Pari feels insecure witnessing Anupama’s affection towards Pari. At the office, Rohit notices Anuj’s stress and inquires about it. Anuj expresses his frustration with Vanraj and reveals his plan to create drama once Vanraj finds out about Kinjal’s visit to Anupama. Rohit mentions that their family priest has predicted a change coming in their family. The episode concludes with Kinjal, Anupama, Pari, and Choti in the car.


In the next episode, Kinjal will express her sadness about leaving Anupama and returning to the UK. Pari will insist on sitting in front with them, causing Kinjal to lose balance and meet with an accident. Kinjal will fall unconscious.


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