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Imlie 15th December 2023 Written Update: Chaudhary’s love for Imlie.

Imlie 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Navya telling Amma ji that she has decided to exclude Imlie from future occasions for the benefit of both families. Navya explains that no one helped her during difficult times, so she is ready to proceed with the engagement without a few family members. Shivani tells Navya that half of her family is missing and she can’t proceed with the engagement without them. Shivani apologizes to Navya and also informs her that Imlie is no longer associated with the bar. Shivani decides not to go ahead with the engagement.

Imlie clarifies to everyone that Navya didn’t force her to stay away from the occasions and that she doesn’t want to come downstairs because people will ask her to perform like Anarkali. However, Imlie is surprised to see Avi and Shivani upstairs. The guests inquire with Amma ji about the delay in the engagement. Navya explains to Amma ji that she made this decision for the betterment of both families and accuses her own family of blackmailing her. Navya is surprised to see Imlie coming downstairs with everyone. Imlie apologizes to the guests and explains that she was preparing a game show for everyone. Navya insists that Imlie should not be allowed to attend the engagement.

Navya gets disappointed and tries to interrupt Imlie, but Agastya tells Navya that they have heard enough and it’s time for Imlie to speak. Imlie suggests that everyone should write their secrets on a piece of paper as a way to forget the past and move forward for the betterment of the future. Biswa thanks Imlie for making them realize their mistakes and asks Shivani and Avi to continue with the engagement formalities. Avi and Shivani exchange rings and complete the engagement.

Imlie asks Amma ji if she is angry with her and offers to help her. Amma ji assures Imlie that she is happy with her because she was able to witness Shivani’s engagement. However, Amma ji also tells Imlie that she can’t forget that her family is facing problems because of her previous work at the bar.

Avi knocks on Navya’s door, but there is no response. Biswa takes charge and forcefully opens the door. He finds Navya crying and asks her why she is packing her clothes. Navya expresses her disappointment, stating that Biswa took Imlie’s side and insulted her. Navya suggests seeking revenge from the Chaudharys since Imlie is their support. She warns Biswa not to say anything against Imlie. Biswa assures Navya that he was just handling the situation and promises to remove Imlie from their lives.

Imlie feels sad, and Agastya tries to console her. He hesitates at first but then wipes her tears. Imlie embraces Agastya and looks into his eyes. Agastya tells Imlie that Amma ji doesn’t want to hurt her and explains that his mother is the reason why Amma ji can’t heal her wounds. Agastya reveals that his mother killed his father.

A police officer informs Biswa that they have put up posters all over the city and assures him that they will soon catch the killer. An old man sees the poster and removes it from the wall.

Agastya tells Imlie that her mother destroyed their happiness for money. He reveals that his mother is Meera, but she means nothing to him. Agastya shares that he can still hear the gunshot and explains that his mother killed his father because he didn’t give her money.

In the upcoming episode, Shivani informs Imlie that Amma ji is not congratulating her due to her anger towards Agastya. Imlie and Shivani come up with a plan to reconcile Amma ji and Agastya.


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