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Suhaagan 15th December 2023 Written Update: Bindiya protects Dadi

Suhaagan 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Suhaagan begins with a shocking scene. Dadi tries to stab Payal with a knife, but Bindiya intervenes and cleverly replaces the knife with a watermelon. Everyone is taken aback by this unexpected turn of events. Dadi panics upon realizing that she has stabbed a watermelon instead of Payal. Payal embraces Krishna, expressing her fear that Dadi wants to kill her. Dadi, on the other hand, claims that she has already killed someone. Bindiya clarifies that no one has been harmed and that it was just a watermelon. Sakshi tells Vickram that her Dadi has blessed them, but it seems his Dadi wants to harm them. They decide to lock themselves in their room for safety. Indu warns Baldev that this is precisely why she opposed Dadi’s entry into the house. Baldev instructs Vickram to call the hospital staff. Sakshi holds a papaya in her hand to protect herself from Dadi’s knife. Indu asks if she intends to eat it, and Sakshi shares her plan with her. Payal hides behind Krishna as Vickram brings the hospital staff.

The family members try to restrain Dadi, but she resists and pleads with Bindiya to save her. Baldev sympathizes with Dadi, but they continue their attempts to control her. Dadi becomes aggressive and threatens Bindiya, saying that they will lock her in a room and beat her. The family members hide from Dadi, as the doctor advises them to keep their distance. He informs Baldev that Dadi is exhibiting changes in her behavior and that her hands have never been untied before. She appears calmer now. Indu remarks that Dadi was chasing Payal with a knife. The doctor explains that they fail to understand the situation as they have never seen Dadi like this before. He suggests that Dadi’s health condition has improved. Krishna accuses Dadi of attempting to kill his wife, but the doctor emphasizes that Dadi’s behavior is a result of her illness. Bindiya consoles Dadi, assuring her that she is getting better and just needs love. Krishna asks Bindiya not to interfere in his family matters, but Bindiya clarifies that she is merely relaying what the doctor said. Indu accuses Dadi of killing her heir and bringing darkness into their lives by allowing her to stay in the house. Payal adds that Dadi also tried to kill her baby. Dadi glares at Payal, who expresses her fear. Krishna agrees with Payal, believing that Bindiya wants to see their demise. Baldev intervenes and asserts that Dadi has the right to stay in the house as she is his mother. Indu disagrees, but Baldev reminds her that she allowed Payal to stay despite his disapproval. Indu challenges him, asking if she doesn’t have the right to make decisions. Baldev firmly states that it would be a sin to abandon his mother in her current state and decides to leave with Dadi. Bindiya and Baldev take Dadi away, leaving Indu in tears.

Dadi is apprehensive as they arrive at the doctor’s office. Baldev informs the doctor that he has decided to keep his mother with him. Baldev wonders where they will go, but Bindiya offers to take Dadi to her house. They leave in an ambulance, leaving Payal elated. Meanwhile, Indu admits to Krishna that she has fought with Baldev many times, but he has never left her. Sakshi remarks that he left for his mother. In the kitchen, Payal celebrates their departure by dancing and indulging in chocolates.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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