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Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Update: Anuj angry at Pakhi

Anupama’s written update on for 1st December 2023.

In today’s episode, Titu dances and thinks about Dimple. He remembers Vanraj’s warning. Anupama meets Titu and offers him water. Anupama decides to have a conversation with Titu. Dimple recalls what Vanraj and Leela said and decides not to go to the academy. She feels like everyone has a problem with her happiness. Dimple realizes that her baby enjoys listening to music and dancing, but she feels helpless.

Titu explains to Anupama that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He tells her that Vanraj is doubting him for no reason. Titu informs Anupama that he informed Kavya before taking her with him. Anupama sees concern for Dimple in Titu’s eyes instead of desperation. She explains to Titu that Vanraj and Leela are worried because of societal pressure. Anupama says that Dimple is carrying Samar’s baby, which is why Leela and Vanraj are possessive.

Leela asks Dimple where she is going. Dimple tells her that she’s going to get a courier and says that no one can stop her if she wants to go. Anupama consoles Titu and asks him to give Dimple some time. Titu enjoys sharing his feelings with Anupama.

Dimple tries to talk to Vanraj, but he ignores her. Kavya tells Dimple not to worry because only Anupama can talk to Vanraj. Barkha offers cold coffee to Malti, who tells Barkha that she saw a different side of Anupama today. Barkha asks Malti if she’s scared, but Malti says she won’t lose to Anupama.

Anuj takes Anupama on a date. Anupama worries about the Shahs and talks about collecting rations and other things. Anuj asks Anupama to focus on the date and gives her a kiss, asking for one in return. Anupama kisses Anuj’s hand.

At the restaurant, a girl misbehaves with an old waiter. The waiter apologizes after accidentally spilling water on the girl’s dress. However, the girl insults the waiter. Anuj and Anupama intervene when the girl raises her hand at the old man. The girl demands that the manager throw the old man out, threatening to give a bad review to the restaurant. She claims to be a social media influencer. Anuj and Anupama teach the girl a lesson about her behavior. Anupama warns the girl that she will make her video go viral on social media if she doesn’t apologize. The girl apologizes to the old man. The episode ends.

In the upcoming story, Anupama decides to go to Dimple, and Anuj offers to drop Anu off at school. Pakhi manipulates Anu against Anupama, and Anu questions whether Anupama will disown her after Dimple’s baby arrives.


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