Salman Khan Opens Up on Antim, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan Setbacks: Prioritizing Audiences’ Pockets Over Box Office Numbers

Despite facing three consecutive box office disappointments with films like Radhe, Antim, and Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, Salman Khan is currently basking in the success of Tiger 3, which is inching closer to the ₹450 crore mark at the global box office. In a rare roundtable discussion, Salman shared insights into his recent films and expressed confidence that Antim and Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan would have fared better if released under current circumstances.

Speaking about the underwhelming performance of his previous releases, Salman emphasized the impact of the theatrical landscape during their debuts. He suggested that the films might have fared better if released in the current climate, where audiences are more receptive to cinema outings. Salman asserted that the goal was to achieve popular prices rather than blockbuster figures, ensuring affordability for the audience.

“People weren’t going to the theatres when these films were released. Furthermore, our goal was to achieve popular prices rather than blockbuster prices. Although we made less money at the box office with those films, we still put the audience’s money first,” Salman stated.

Salman emphasized that despite the lower box office earnings, he ensured that the audience’s money was well spent, keeping ticket prices reasonable. Our prices did not exceed ₹250 for Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan and Antim. Ek toh acha karo bhai. Humare number kam aa rahe hai, lekin audiences ka paisa bach raha hai (We earned less, but we saved the audience’s money in the process. We did a good deed),” he asserted.

Expressing his perspective on success, Salman Khan emphasized the importance of facing failure to truly appreciate success. Despite any setbacks, he remains committed to delivering value to his audience and ensuring their money is well spent.

As Tiger 3 continues to dominate the box office, Salman expressed gratitude, considering the film’s impressive performance despite being released during Diwali and amidst the Cricket World Cup. He acknowledged the overwhelming response from audiences and their continued support.

Looking ahead, Salman Khan has an array of projects in the pipeline, including The Bull and Tiger Vs. Pathaan. The latter, being the second instalment in the YRF Spy franchise, is anticipated to feature a clash between Salman and Shah Rukh Khan, with Siddharth Anand helming the film. As Salman continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of Bollywood, his resilience and commitment to delivering quality cinema remain evident in the ongoing success of Tiger 3.


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