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Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Update: Adaya hates Anupama

Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, a fire alarm rings, causing tension. Vikram comes to Anupama’s rescue and informs her about the alarm. He advises her to pray in a safe corner. Anupama insists on having the Tulsi plant with her during the prayer. Vikram promises to bring it for her and suggests she prays outside. Anupama lights a lamp and prays for the well-being of everyone.

Shruti and Aadya visit Anupama’s workplace. Aadya jokingly asks Shruti if she came for the delicious chole bhature. Shruti asks her to fetch the luggage that got exchanged. Aadya decides to wait outside.

Meanwhile, Anuj prays for Anu to regain her innocence. He reflects on Anupama’s presence in his life and wonders why his past keeps haunting him. Anuj resolves to move on with his life.

Shruti returns Anupama’s luggage and expresses her gratitude. Anupama offers to help with anything else, but Shruti mentions her daughter waiting outside for a competition. Anupama catches a glimpse of Anu from behind and contemplates how much she must have grown. She gives Shruti a sweet to give to her daughter as a symbol of good luck. Shruti is impressed by Anupama’s positive aura.

Anupama’s heart aches for Anu. Dimple encounters Titu and asks him to stop following her. Dimple pleads with Titu not to add to her problems. Anupama prepares tea, which Vikram appreciates. Memories of Anuj flood Anupama’s mind. Vikram inquires about Anupama’s family, and she explains how they became busy with their own lives, leading her to move to the USA. Vikram also misses his family.

Anupama seeks Vikram’s guidance on obtaining a new passport. Vikram offers to assist her. Dimple confronts Titu again, requesting him to understand and give her space. She fears Vanraj’s reaction. Titu asks Dimple to allow him the chance to express his feelings. Dimple asks him to leave and refuses to answer when he asks if she missed him in the past five years. Titu considers this as his answer.

Yashpal visits his cafe and questions who made the masala tea. Vikram playfully compliments Yashpal’s sense of smell. – Episode Ends

Precap: Anuj and Shruti visit Anupama’s cafe, leaving Anu shocked. Anupama accidentally bumps into Anu, and Anuj tastes the tea, triggering memories of Anupama.


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