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Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th December 2023 Written Update: Yash slaps Garry

Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Gurleen informing everyone that Jasleen and Sahiba are trapped inside the Brar mansion. Sahiba tells Jasleen that they need to leave the mansion, and Jasleen starts searching for a box. Eventually, Jasleen finds the box and reveals to Sahiba that it holds memories of Garry that are extremely important to her.

The Brar family pleads with Garry to put an end to this situation. Jasleen insists on leaving the mansion with Sahiba and the box. Meanwhile, the Brar family informs Garry that Jasleen and Sahiba are stuck inside. The two girls desperately search for an escape route.

Garry, deeply concerned about Jasleen’s safety, asks Yash to stop the bulldozer. However, Yash refuses, emphasizing the need for Garry to control his emotions. Determined to protect the box, Jasleen pushes Sahiba away when she sees the bulldozer approaching, risking her own safety.

Jasleen manages to grab the box, but unfortunately, she sustains a head injury in the process. Garry rushes to Sahiba’s side, while Angad arrives at the crane to rescue his family from the net.

The Brar family gathers around Jasleen, urging Yash to allow her to be taken to the hospital. Yash, however, declares that no one can enter or leave the premises. To their surprise, an ambulance arrives at the Brar mansion.

Yash questions Sanjay about who permitted the ambulance to enter, and Sanjay reveals that Garry authorized it, leading their men to allow its entry. Enraged, Yash slaps Garry for his actions. Confused, Garry asks Yash why he slapped him, to which Yash explains that he had sealed off the area to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. Yash also expresses frustration that reporters have now arrived alongside the ambulance.

The reporters confront Yash, questioning the legality of demolishing the house without permission. Sahiba blames Yash for Jasleen’s injury and speaks up in front of the reporters. Yash instructs Sanjay to remove the reporters from the premises.

Yash scolds Garry and asserts that he can no longer demolish the house. He states that even if they lose the case, he will compensate the Brar family financially. Yash then leaves the scene, while Jasleen is taken away in the ambulance.

Garry asks Sahiba why Jasleen entered the mansion, and Sahiba reveals that Jasleen did it for the box. She shows Garry the baby mementos inside the box, emphasizing how much Jasleen loves him.

Garry confronts Yash and explains that he called the ambulance because Jasleen needed medical attention. Garry also expresses his dissatisfaction with being publicly humiliated by Yash. Yash reminds Garry that he is his father and asserts his authority, telling Garry not to question his actions. Garry walks away in frustration.

The episode concludes.

Precap: Yash questions Sanjay about allowing the ambulance inside, and Sanjay reveals that it was on Garry’s orders. Yash considers Garry a burden and decides to remove him from his life once his revenge against the Brar family is complete. Sahiba overhears this conversation and realizes that Yash is only concerned about himself and doesn’t care about anyone else.


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