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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 Upcoming Story: What! Did Viraj got kidnapped?

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In the Star Bharat show Saubhagyavati Bhava 2, an intense series of events takes place. Virat, one of the main characters, becomes a victim of kidnapping, and Siya, another significant character, discovers this shocking news. The big question is, who will come to Viraj’s rescue? Will Siya receive a ransom call from the kidnapper? Let’s delve into the details.

Currently, Siya receives the call records of Viraj from a detective, and to her dismay, she discovers that Viraj is responsible for her father’s death. Unniyal, a supporting character, sympathizes with Siya, expressing his sorrow over Risha’s demise. Determined to bring justice, Siya vows to find Risha’s murderer no matter what it takes.

During her investigation, Siya notices that a button is missing from Unniyal’s shirt. This observation leads her to assume that Unniyal, under Viraj’s influence, is the one who killed Risha. Siya deeply regrets her trust in Viraj.

Meanwhile, Siya’s friend Khushi asks for her help in choosing an engagement outfit. However, Siya explains that she has an important task at hand. She meets Tushar, another character, and shares the shocking truth about Viraj’s involvement in her father’s death.

Tushar suggests going to the police station, but Siya believes they need both evidence and a witness to prove Viraj’s guilt. They decide to locate the truck driver as their first step. While they are discussing their plan, Rashmi, another character, approaches Siya and apologizes for her past wrongdoings. Siya forgives Rashmi and appreciates her happiness for Siya’s upcoming marriage.

In the midst of these developments, Dadi, a wise character, consoles Risha’s grieving mother. They discuss Siya and her journey. On the other side, Unniyal receives yet another envelope from an anonymous blackmailer. Puzzled by the identity of the blackmailer, Unniyal decides to take action and sends money to stop Siya and Viraj’s engagement.

In the next episode, Khushi informs Siya about Viraj’s discharge from the hospital, and Unniyal shares the shocking news of Viraj’s kidnapping. The revelation leaves everyone in disbelief.

How does Unniyal have knowledge about Viraj’s kidnapping? Will the engagement proceed as planned?

All these burning questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned to to find out what happens next in your favorite show, Saubhagyavati Bhava 2.


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