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Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Shahs to blame Anupama again!

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Star Plus’s show Anupamaa is currently depicting a tense situation as Anupama, along with Kinjal, Pari, and Choti Anu, gets involved in an accident. Fortunately, Anupama manages to save everyone. What will unfold in the next episode?

In the previous episode, while driving back home, Pari started crying, so Anupama took her in the front seat on her lap. This made Choti feel insecure, and she also tried to come to the front. Unfortunately, Kinjal loses control of the car and ends up in a severe accident. Kinjal faints, and Anupama discovers that the car is hanging near a cliff.

Anuj arrives at the Shah house, and Vanraj blames Anupama for taking everyone on the picnic. Anuj clarifies that the picnic was planned by Kinjal, not Anupama, and she was well aware of Kinjal’s decision to join without informing the Shahs.

Despite the challenging situation, Anupama manages to open the car door and tries to safely bring Kinjal out. She instructs Choti Anu to hand over Pari to her. Anupama successfully brings Pari out and gives her to Kinjal. She then breaks the window glass and rescues Choti as well.

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj will continue to blame Anupama for the accident. Toshu will also question why she took them despite Vanraj’s request not to meet them. Even Leela will hold Anupama responsible.

Anuj will be present, listening to all the accusations against Anupama. Vanraj will declare that Anupama should not step foot in the Shah house or their entire neighborhood anymore.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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