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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Bhoomi patches up with Isha!

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Vanshaj is set to become a hub of drama and excitement in the coming days as a new character named Kabir makes an appearance, with intentions to destroy the Mahajan Group!

In the recent episode, Yuvika notices a significant rise in their share prices over the past two weeks. Neel and Yuvika team up for her first shareholders meeting and learn about Kabir Oberoy from Vidur. Yuvika realizes that Kabir is intentionally causing this increase.

Kabir’s associate reveals that they have purchased an additional 2 lakh shares. DJ informs Gargi and Dhanraj that Subhadra is planning to file a case against Bhanu and fight for her rights. Yuvika plans to meet Kabir.

Simone visits DJ’s office after learning about Ruhi’s pregnancy news and confronts DJ. DJ presents Ruhi with a necklace set and casually throws the bill in the dustbin. However, Ruhi discovers Simone’s name on the bill. She calls DJ and informs him about the doctor’s appointment, but DJ asks her to go alone and he will join later. Gargi advises Ruhi not to feel upset or worried, as DJ is likely busy at the office.

When Gargi arrives at the hospital, she pretends to feel sick and asks Ruhi to see the doctor alone. Yuvika and Bhoomi arrive at the hospital on time and accompany her. After hearing her baby’s heartbeat for the first time, Gargi promises to be a strong mother.

In the next episode, Yuvika will confront Kabir, and he will challenge her in return. Will Yuvika be able to save the Mahajan Group?

To find out Yuvika’s next strategy and how she tackles Kabir, keep watching Vanshaj and stay updated on this page.


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