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Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Will Pari and Kinjal be safe?

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Star Plus’ beloved show Anupamaa has always been a favorite among fans. Currently, the storyline focuses on Kavya leaving the Shah house while Anupamaa prepares to go abroad. How will the circumstances change overnight?

In the previous episode, Hansmukh informed Kavya that she can come to the Shah house whenever she wants. Vanraj tells Kavya that if she decides to leave, she must cut ties with all his family members. However, Kavya refuses to do so.

Kinjal and Pari visit the Kapadia house and apologize for what happened the previous day. Kinjal suggests going on a picnic, which worries Vanraj as Kinjal defies his instructions and plans to meet Anupamaa. Kinjal, Anupamaa, and Pari enjoy some sunlight and have fun reciting poetry.

Choti, feeling insecure, becomes jealous when she sees Anupamaa showing love to Pari. Meanwhile, at the office, Rohit asks Anuj why he seems stressed. Anuj reveals that he is tired of Vanraj’s behavior. Rohit mentions that their family priest has predicted a forthcoming change in their family. Kinjal, Anupamaa, Pari, and Choti are in the car together.

In the upcoming episode, Kinjal will express to Anupamaa that she will miss her when she returns to the UK. Pari will insist on sitting in front, causing Kinjal to lose her balance and have an accident.

Kinjal will become unconscious.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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