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Doree 15th December 2023 Written Update: Anand catch red-handed

Doree 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Doree begins with Doree emerging from the fire, leaving Kailash Devi astonished to see her in the form of Durga Maa. The people of Basti protected her saree, which catches the attention of everyone. The inspector commends Doree for showcasing the power of a man when supported by a woman. Ganga Prasad and Doree faint, causing Nani to worry. Kailash Devi asks Raja to examine the saree, while Ganga Prasad regains consciousness. Doree reassures him that their home may have burnt, but as long as they have each other, they can rebuild it. Ganga Prasad realizes that he needs to find a way to rebuild their house, while Kailash Devi remains busy inspecting the saree. Prem Kakka assures everyone that the saree is safe.

Ganga Prasad informs Kailash Devi that he had given his saree to Doree and requests her to return their house documents. Kailash Devi instructs Anand to burn the documents, leaving him frustrated. She acknowledges the value of the saree and assures them that they will receive their money soon. Doree tries to lighten the mood by saying it’s a happy Diwali for them, but Nani expresses concern over the loss of their house. Ganga Prasad advises her not to worry, while Kailash Devi instructs them to investigate the cause of the fire. The inspector assures them that she will find out. Meanwhile, Mansi expresses gratitude to God for saving Ganga Prasad and Doree, and Komal informs her that their mother has invited them to attend the Lakshmi Pooja and will cook the prasad.

Doree confides in Satho about her burnt house and her uncertainty about where to stay. Satho assures her that the entire Basti is her home, and she can stay anywhere. However, Doree worries about not having enough money to buy a Lakshmi idol for the Pooja. She decides to make one with clay instead. Meanwhile, Kailash Devi performs the Lakshmi Pooja at home, while Raj informs her about Babuji’s request to meet a politician. Kailash Devi argues that they are focused on their business and shouldn’t meet politicians, but Raj insists that they must. Doree finishes making the idol and discovers a lighter near her house. Satho recognizes it and mentions seeing it somewhere before. Ganga Prasad praises Doree’s idol-making skills and suggests they perform the Lakshmi Pooja at their showroom. However, they realize they don’t have a matchbox to light the Diya. Doree asks Satho for the lighter, which catches the attention of the inspector. Doree explains that she found it in her house. Kailash Devi receives a call and rushes to Basti.

Kailash Devi informs Ganga Prasad that the inspector has summoned her. The inspector reveals that someone set fire to Ganga Prasad’s house and accuses Anand. Kailash Devi defends Anand and asks for evidence. The assistant brings forward the lighter as evidence, stating that it is the only one found at the scene. Kailash Devi scolds Anand, and his father acknowledges that he deserves punishment. He promises to build a house for Ganga Prasad and offers them a place to stay until then.

Episode ends.

Precap: Anand attempts to harm Doree.


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