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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th December 2023 Written Update: Kunal imagines a beautiful future with Vandana

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a conversation between Kunal and Vandana. They both show respect and acceptance for each other’s traditions. Kunal admires Vandana’s well-organized rewaj room and compliments her belongings. He sees Vandana’s Tanpura and imagines sitting beside her while she practices. He remembers how he used to dismiss Vandana’s talent in the past but now listens attentively and appreciates her efforts. Kunal becomes quiet when Vandana mentions his mother and asks him about her. He forbids Vandana from asking anything about his mother.

Soniya, unable to bear the pain of separation, pretends to be happy but is disappointed by Kunal’s marriage. Indranil finds out that Soniya went to Kunal’s house during his engagement and mocks her about regretting her previous relationship. Soniya admits that she regrets her past marriage. Indranil locks Soniya in a room and takes her passport.

In the hospital, Kuldeep is asked by a doctor to increase the dosage of a patient to keep her under control. The doctor suggests that Kuldeep meet the patient as she hasn’t been doing well lately. However, Kuldeep is more interested in bribing the doctor to increase the dosage. The patient is none other than Kuldeep’s wife, who is murmuring the names of Kunal and Vedika.

At Vandana’s house, everyone prepares for the mehendi ceremony. Atya presses the mehendi leaves for Vandana’s enjoyment. Mrunal offers help, but no one accepts. Later, they all enjoy the mehendi celebration, incorporating both cultures. Vandana and Kunal have a good time. Pammi criticizes the arrangements made by the Karmakar house, but Guneet tells her to focus on the positive. Vandana feels sad that her father didn’t come to the function. Kunal promises Vandana that he will bring Vijay to the wedding party.

The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Pammi and Kuldeep will plan to ruin Vandana and Kunal’s marriage. On the other hand, Kunal will once again promise Vandana that he will bring Vijay to the wedding party. He will go to Vijay and convince him to join the function, assuring him that he will take care of Vandana and her musical passion. Vijay will be in a dilemma.


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