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Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th December 2023 Written Update: Megha insults Angad

Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Seerat gazing at Angad’s photo and apologizing to him. Akaal ponders over their family’s situation. Jabjyot apologizes to Yash, as Angad and Sahiba have accused Yash of various things. Jasleen commends Yash for still thinking about Angad despite the accusations. Yash reminds everyone that Angad is family.

Akaal expresses his uncertainty about how to resolve the situation. Yash suggests that Akaal should speak to the client and convince them that they are not involved in any fraud. Akaal decides to talk to the client himself. Yash reassures Akaal that he is not alone and promises to support him in any way possible.

Megha urges the police to put Angad in jail. Sahiba tries to talk to Angad, but Megha intervenes and prevents Sahiba from meeting him. Megha instructs the police to not allow anyone to meet Angad without her permission. She also states that she does not want to see Sahiba at the police station. Sahiba realizes that she needs to talk to Seerat.

The reporters capture Angad being taken to jail in handcuffs. Garry, upon seeing this news, believes that their plan has succeeded. Parth suggests celebrating this victory, but Garry insists on waiting for their boss to arrive.

Yash approaches Garry, who suggests celebrating their victory with champagne. Yash, however, throws away the wine glass and scolds them, revealing that Sahiba found out about their plan. Yash also reveals that Sahiba was conscious the entire time and they were fooled by her. Yash informs Garry that the Brar family believes he is alive, but he managed to save himself. Yash instructs Garry, Samarth, and Parth to go to Baweja mansion. Mannat expresses concern about the risk involved, but Yash assures her that the Brar family will not search the Baweja mansion as they completely trust him.

Yash reassures Akaal over the phone, promising to ensure that their enemies are destroyed.

Yash tells Garry that he can never forget how the Brar family insulted him in the past, and thanks to his son Romi, he now has a chance to get close to the Brar family.

Megha asks Angad to sign a statement, but he refuses. In frustration, Megha throws water on Angad’s face.

Sahiba confronts Seerat and asks her to tell the truth. Sahiba reveals that she saw Seerat at the hotel Fandom Park. Seerat explains that she went there to meet her friend Pinky and reminds Jasleen that she had also seen her at the hotel. Jasleen confirms this and questions Seerat about why she lied.

The episode ends.

Precap – A female officer arrives at the Brar mansion with the police and declares that they must pay for Angad’s crime. She announces that the house will be auctioned. Sahiba loses consciousness, and Gurleen speculates that Sahiba might be pregnant.

Inder contemplates the irony of hearing news about having a son in a house that they may soon lose.


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