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Pandya Store 15th December 2023 Written Update: Suman consoles Natasha

Pandya Store 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Amba and Suman challenging each other to arrange the remarriage of Dhawal and Natasha respectively. Dhawal questions Natasha about her drama, stating that she already owns the Pandya Store. Feeling guilty, Natasha apologizes for misunderstanding Amresh and admits that he was not involved in all of this. Dhawal reminds her that she tried to send Amba and Amresh to jail, urging her to let others live their lives. Natasha emotionally embraces Dhawal, while Suman notices her vulnerability. Amba also hopes that Dhawal may change his mind.

Natasha expresses her confusion about why all of this is happening and believes that there is no reason for them to separate if Amresh was not involved. Dhawal, about to hug her back, is interrupted by Amba and Suman, who separate them. Dhawal and Natasha share a painful glance. Suman assures Natasha that she will find a gem of a partner for her, not a cheater like Dhawal. She declares that they will not tolerate any disrespect towards Natasha in the household. Amba adds that there are plenty of girls lined up to marry Dhawal.

Dhawal reflects on how Amresh returned the Pandya Store under the condition that he stays away from Natasha. Realizing how important the store is to Natasha, Dhawal informs his lawyer that he has not consummated the marriage and urges him to proceed with the case. Natasha is left in tears, while Dhawal retreats to hide his emotions. Suman takes Natasha away from the Makwana house, with Natasha continuously looking back in Dhawal’s direction. Amba instructs the lawyer to begin his work as she prepares to do her part.

Natasha enters her room and collapses on the bed, crying over Dhawal’s harsh words and rude behavior. Suman enters the room to console her, while Chiku overhears their conversation. Natasha feels that her relationship has been publicly insulted and questions how Dhawal could easily declare in front of everyone that they have no relationship. Suman tries to comfort her, but Natasha remains fixated on the same question, unable to understand Dhawal’s actions. Meanwhile, Dhawal sits in his room, heartbroken. Natasha wonders why Dhawal bought her a lehenga and danced dandiya with her.

Dhawal opens his wardrobe and breaks down upon seeing that Natasha’s clothes are gone. Natasha recalls how Dhawal never ironed his own clothes but always ironed her sarees. She mentions the date he had planned for them and shows the half-heart necklace Dhawal had given her. Dhawal also notices the other half-heart bracelet on his wrist and continues to cry. In a fit of anger, Dhawal destroys the dining table, waking Amresh up due to the noise. Natasha reveals that Dhawal even stood up for her in front of Amresh. Amresh witnesses Dhawal’s suffering. Natasha accuses Dhawal of playing with her emotions. The episode ends with Suman hugging Natasha, while Chiku and Amresh look on, concerned about Dhawal.


The lawyer gives Dhawal and Natasha six months to stay together, but Natasha refuses. The lawyer then sets a date for the following week and shocks both of them by suggesting that since they did not consummate the marriage, they might get separated in the first hearing.


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