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Saubhagyavati Bhava 15th December 2023 Written Update: Tanrik warns Siya’s family

Saubhagyavati Bhava 15th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Mehek notices that the chandelier is about to fall on Siya and Viraj, so she quickly drags them away from danger. Viraj asks Mehek what happened, and she explains what she saw. Dadi believes that Raghav’s ghost is behind this incident because he is angry. Viraj questions why Raghav’s ghost would be angry with him, and Mehek tells him that it’s because he is getting married to Siya. She reveals that Raghav’s ghost’s goal is to kill Viraj, but he refuses to believe her, dismissing the idea of ghosts. Sushma suggests that they should leave the house, but Viraj insists that they stay and tells them to go to their rooms and rest.

Siya asks Viraj if Raghav’s ghost is really behind all of this, and he wonders why Dadi mentioned Raghav’s ghost. Later, Viraj throws his engagement ring and blames Khushi for everything that is happening. He tells himself that he cannot replace Janhvi with someone else. Viraj’s inner voice tells him that he is not capable of being faithful to one woman, but Siya has already taken a place in his heart. Viraj gets angry and threatens to shoot his inner voice, reminding himself that he is a domestic abuser and admitting that he misses Janhvi.

Sushma tries to convince Tushar to believe in Raghav’s ghost, but he refuses and tells her to take her medicine and sleep. Sushma insists that Raghav’s ghost is roaming because he did not get Siya. Meanwhile, Khushi hangs Siya and Viraj’s photo frame on the wall and almost falls from a chair, but Mehek catches her just in time. Risha, Khushi’s mother, decides to steal Siya’s signature paper, believing that her mother won’t talk to Siya. Siya starts to question who is behind all of these strange incidents.

A tantrik (spiritual healer) arrives, and Dadi believes that he can solve the problem. However, Viraj is skeptical and tells Dadi not to trust the tantrik. Dadi mentions the strange events that have been happening, but Siya urges her not to drag the matter. The tantrik tries to perform a ritual, but he gets attacked and points out someone’s shadow, claiming that Raghav’s ghost has returned for revenge. Dadi asks the tantrik for a solution, and Siya and Viraj’s photo frame breaks. The tantrik warns that Raghav’s ghost will kill everyone and runs away, leaving Dadi and Sushma worried. Viraj takes charge and declares that he will find the answer.

In the upcoming episode, Viraj questions everyone and tells Siya that he has found the answer.


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